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You Cannot Kill David Arquette

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The best thing about his return was someone in the crowd yelling at him that he was doing it cos he was skint. Arquette replied "I've got Friends money bitch"

Ready To Rumble is brilliant. It's awful, obviously, but it knows it is. The script is appalling. The characters have the depth of a puddle. The casting is baffling. But it adds up to the guiltiest of

The Nick Gage match should never have happened. Hes a fool for taking it. He had nothing to redeem in my eyes he won a fake belt in a fake match to get some press for WCW. If people where still t

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On 10/18/2020 at 8:21 PM, JakeRobertsParoleOfficer said:

I think its because we all like to suspend disbelief and something like this utterly breaks the wrestling 'bubble'


The thing is, Arquette didnt come in and have competive matches and win the title in a 50/50 match, if that had happened i'd get that it was making a mockery of the wrestling world. He was booked to win it as a total fluke.

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