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The buying a car is a bloody minefield thread.


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Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I did a quick search and couldn't seem to find another car related thread. 


So. I passed my test six years ago, bought a polo that was already 8 years old at that point, and I've thrashed it round about a dozen countries and 120k miles since then. It's well overdue for getting replaced and I've just found out that when I sign my new contract at work they'll be giving me a cash for car allowance. Whatever I buy has to be under five years old, and they'll put a set amount on my pay cheque to cover it. If I want I can always spend more and top it up myself, so I'm in a position to actually get something decent, which isn't something I was expecting- I'd assumed I'd just be replacing it with whatever shit heap I could afford. 

The question then, is what to go for.. I don't know much about cars other than that I love my little old polo and after what I've put it through, I've got tremendous faith in the reliability of vws. I was looking therefore at maybe a new polo. 

Approved used cars are also an option if I want something a bit swankier, just been looking at a couple of two year old audi a3's, and the newer Seat Leons are grabbing me. 

We've not got kids or any need for a big Suv or anything, but I wouldn't mind something a bit more spacious and comfortable than the polo. 

However I'm very aware of my lack of knowledge and the fact that I'm not really a proper bloke so I don't know what to look for with cars, so any tips or suggestions would be a help. 


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As someone who owns a '99 Toyota Corolla, I can vouch for everything being said in this advertisement;

I had a green one first, and I fucking loved it. A year of bliss. Then some cunt smashed into it whilst it was parked up and it was written off. After a day of car searching, and finding nothing better than my green '99 Corolla, utterly defeated after hours of travelling from dealership to dealership, I spotted a silver 99' Corolla parked outside of some unadvertised car lot just outside of town. I bought it on the spot. 

Bliss, I tell you. Fuck your modern cars. Get a car that makes older blokes in Sainsburys car parks sigh with nostalgia and wink at you.

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I'm no car buff but If you liked the polo but want a bit more space go for a good spec golf, my favourite car I've had and I'd love another.

People tell me how great Audi's are but I've never liked driving the A4 or A6. The S3 was good though but not up to the hype.

Second best car I've had was the 5 door 1series BMW. Took be halfway across Europe in comfort and at about 220kmh with ease.


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