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UFC London: Till vs Masvidal - Mar 16 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Who wins and how?   

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It would, but the problem is that both Diaz brothers aren't interested in fun, novelty type PPV fight money though. They're wanting ridiculous, 2nd-only-to-Conor type money.

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This was an impressive win for Masvidal, showing his experience over Darren Till, who seemed to be determined to allow his chin to be as hittable as possible. Whilst Till took the first rounds there were enough instances where Jorge will have been encouraged by how easily he could land clean shots on Till during Toll's advances toward him. 

Till needs to revamp now. Either really focus on his defensive skills, move up in weight to see if it helps his ability to absorb a shot or preferably, do both of those things. 

I thought the judging and refereeing was strange all night. Silva Vs Roberts was a great fight, soured a little by the ending being hard to determine what happened. I couldn't hear Roberts verbally submit even though he was in clear trouble. Maybe he was getting out of that and maybe he wasn't, but now we'll not know for sure. 

I can't see how Reyes won the fight. I personally scored it 30-27 for Volkan, and could see 29-28 Volkan with Reyes getting the third, but don't see how Reyes won that fight if you judge it by rounds or by looking at the fight as a whole. They were close rounds, sure, but those are the breaks I guess when it goes to the cards. 

Edwards clearly won the fight as well and I had it 29-27 (10-9 Edwards, 10-8 Edwards, 10-9 Nelson). That second round when Edwards smashed Gunnar with that Elbow and then nearly finished him was enough for a 10-8 in my book which shouldn't have left it a close fight to score. 

Arnold Allen and Nathaniel Wood both looked good in their wins, and Mark Diakese really showed what it meant to finally break that losing streak he was on with a well put together decision win. 

Outside of the main event and Silva/Roberts, not a lot of very exciting fights on the show, but plenty of hard fought, close contests up and down the card. 

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