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Oscars 2018


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59 minutes ago, Chest Rockwell said:

I've already seen this year's winner! Loved the direction and happy Guillermo won, but I'd have gone Three Billboards over Shape of Water. Well, I'd have picked Coco if it had been nominated for Best Picture, but it wasn't. You can't save me from sexy fishmen!

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24 minutes ago, bAzTNM#1 said:

I remember when "Best Original Song" was one of the main awards. :(

Oldman should have got it for playing Sid Vicious thirty years ago, IMO.

Standard Oscars logic, really.

They didn't bother giving Scorsese his Oscar for Goodfellas or Taxi Driver, but the weaker Departed got it (still a good film, of course).

Anyway, I've yet to see Shape of Water yet, so maybe it's exceptional, but Phantom Thread was the exceptional movie I've seen. The fact it went away with nowt that mattered is very Oscarrific.

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