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UK now puts on 10% of world's wrestling shows (3rd after US/JP)


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Cagematch.net (to my knowledge the most detailed source on the web for this kind of thing) contains 9,683 entries for shows worldwide in 2016. It's probably safe to assume that's 90+% of what took place last year. 


Entries by country were: 


USA – 3864 (take off a few hundred for WWE's 'double tapings')

Japan – 1832

UK – 940

Canada – 559

Mexico – 555


*It's notable that the top 5 countries collectively accounted for 80% of all worldwide shows. 


Also notable mentions:


Australia – 284

Germany – 249


A few others I checked were Italy (96), France (63), Ireland (46), Spain (30), New Zealand (5) 


Mighty impressive for the UK scene when you consider the number of shows in 2016 was double that in 2011. Japan, Canada and Mexico on the other hand are pretty much static; USA is only up 30% (NXT?), Australia around 40% with only Germany outshining us with a whopping 150% increase (though with a much smaller starting base). We also got nearly 40% more WWE events than five years previously; with that obviously likely to rise significantly further this year. 


Can't really complain at the moment can we? 

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Right enough I think my estimate of 90+% accuracy was a bit optimistic; when I think about it the Japan number seems a bit low as well!


Still reckon that the 100% increase in UK shows from five years back feels more or less accurate though and likely puts us in 4th position after Mexico. 

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