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I'm shocked that For the Love of Wrestling hasn't been cancelled yet. 

In the current climate, can you think of anything worse than two 7+ hour plane journeys (and all that recycled air) only to end up in a room shaking hands with hundreds of people (wrestling fans for that matter... Ive seen some right smelly looking bastards at some shows!) for two days in a row?!

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Message from Monopoly Events who are in charge of the For The Love Of Wrestling Convention: FTLOW RESCHEDULE UPDATE  We are pleased to confirm that For the Love of Wrestling 2 has been resch

Kelly Kelly has been added to the "For The Love Of Wrestling" convention

Ken Shamrock has been added to the "For Love of Wrestling" convention 2020 line up.

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17 minutes ago, garynysmon said:

I'm shocked that For the Love of Wrestling hasn't been cancelled yet. 

In the current climate, can you think of anything worse than two 7+ hour plane journeys (and all that recycled air) only to end up in a room shaking hands with hundreds of people (wrestling fans for that matter... Ive seen some right smelly looking bastards at some shows!) for two days in a row?!

Well Tito Santana cancelled the event earlier today.

IF this show does go ahead I dare say there will be a "no handshake" policy like they had at last weekends Liverpool Comic Con. They probably will go one further and have a "no touching" policy to be on the safe side.

I would be very surprised if we don't get more cancellations as we get closer to the show......again that's if it goes off on the intended dates.

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Wales Comic Con: Takeover Telford that was due to take place on April 25th and 26th has been rescheduled to August 22nd and 23rd. 

This show was to have Bret Hart and Luke Harper. No idea if they're available for the new dates yet.

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Message from Monopoly Events who are in charge of the For The Love Of Wrestling Convention:


We are pleased to confirm that For the Love of Wrestling 2 has been rescheduled to Saturday October 31st - Sunday November 1st 2020.

The venue will remain the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool.

As we mentioned previously we had given serious thought to an August date, however we have concerns that this won’t be long enough for people to have recovered financially from the crisis, or the crisis to Infact be fully over. The last thing we would want to do is for people to book travel and hotels again only for outside factors to force another date change. Whilst there are no guarantees in this uncertain time we are far more confident that a show date towards the end of the year is much stronger and safer for the public.

If you can attend on the new date then all tickets will remain valid. You don’t need to do anything.

If you are unable to attend and want a refund please email info@fortheloveofwrestling.co.uk and we will commence these straight away. 

The decision to attend later in the year is of course your own but we genuinely hope that as many of you as possible are happy to keep supporting the show and maintaining the biggest Wrestling convention in Europe. We can only run this show if the fans want it as much as we do and to date your support in buying tickets and autos/photos has been phenomenal and allowed us to keep bringing over the guests you want to meet. 

As things stand we are continuing with the same line up, virtually all the guests have confirmed the new date if there are any changes we will let you know ASAP. The bonus of all this is there are additions (and returns) to the line up which we hope to announce shortly.

Tickets for Europe’s BIGGEST wrestling convention are back on sale from the same link as before www.fortheloveofwrestling.co.uk

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We are staying focused and positive that October is going ahead. We are having a final check that all the current guests are ok to attend the event on October 31-1 November, then its all systems go as we begin the big build up to FTLOW2!

We will say for a final time IF it does not go ahead you get refunded or you can switch your tickets to the fall back date of 26-27 June 2021. 

Get excited and ready for the build up!

*Since this announcement they have advised that a new guest will be announced on Sunday and that Trish Stratus can no longer make the event.



In other news, Showmasters have announced the following names for their Winter London Film & Comic Con, November 20-22:

Road Warrior Animal

Sin Cara / Hunico

PJ Black

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The Rockers were a professional wrestling tag team consisting of Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty who teamed from 1985 to 1992. 

In 1992, the team had a violent kayfabe breakup during an episode of Brutus Beefcakes 'Barbershop' segment. This helped propel Michaels into the singles ranks with "The Heartbreak Kid" gimmick that he used until his retirement in 2010. 

This is a very rare photo opportunity and a real bucket list for fans of the Golden Generation of WWE/F wrestling. We don't think this reunion has happened in Europe before and may well never happen again!

Please be aware that tickets are extremely limited!

As Monopoly Events pride itself on being fan friendly we are going to put tickets onsale at 7pm on Monday 15th June. Hopefully this gives everyone a fair chance of getting one as we fully expect this to be a fast sell-out.

The Rockers Photo - £95

Barbershop Reunion - £115

For more information please go to www.fortheloveofwrestling.co.uk

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On 6/8/2020 at 9:37 PM, LSM said:

JBL has been added to the For Love of Wrestling convention. He will be there on the Saturday only.

Looking to go for the first time ever- new to the booking process, when ticking the boxes of superstars it says includes ticket and autograph, do you have to buy several tickets to get to see them? If that makes sense. 

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From Monopoly Events regarding the For Love of Wrestling Conventions 2 & 3:



We’re delighted to announce that the third installment of For the Love of Wrestling has now been confirmed for the weekend of June 26th and 27th 2021.
Please be aware that For the Love of Wrestling 2 is still scheduled to take place on October 31st and November 1st 2020 and we are full steam ahead with our planning for that date. If due to circumstances beyond our control those dates aren’t possible, then we will of course move the second show to the weekend we’ve now confirmed for the third show. Apologies if this is a little confusing, we just want to give you the information as soon as we have it.
Just a few more notes on FTLOW 3:
Tickets will go onsale the weekend of FTLOW 2. People in attendance at that event will have the first opportunity to by photos, autos, front row seats etc…
We will start to announce a few bookings for the June date over the coming months. The first guest to confirm this date is Trish Stratus! All tickets for Trish will now be valid in June 2021. This will happen automatically and there is nothing more than you need to do. If you are unable to attend in June 2021, then please email customerservice@ticketquarter.co.uk
Our focus will for now be fully on FTLOW2 in October/November and we will soon start to announce the prop builds, live wrestling matches, exhibitors and everything else which makes these events so special. We’ve got one especially exciting ultra rare exhibition that we think you’ll love!
Thank you as always for your support. If you’re a wrestling fan then you really need to make it to Liverpool this Autumn! It’s going to be an incredible show and we can’t wait to see you there.

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The Inside the Ropes Audience With Kevin Owens event now has a new date.

Thursday 5th November at The Engine Works, Glasgow.

All original tickets will be honoured but they will not be selling anymore tickets due to the current government guidelines.

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Announcement from Monopoly Events regarding For the Love of Wrestling convention (apologies for the long post, just thought it would be easier to copy/paste the whole thing):

Event Postponement Update 

Unfortunately we have to deliver the news that both For the Love of Horror and For the Love of Wrestling are going to be rescheduled to 2021.

At each step of the way we have tried to keep communicating with fans to let you know our thought process and what needed to happen for the events to take place. The decision to reschedule was taken earlier today after a meeting with our team and conversations with the Exhibition Centre, Liverpool. We will try and give as much detail as possible in this message.

We are not naive, and always knew (as we stated in previous correspondence) that there would be great challenges in running events in October, but we felt that we owed it to the fans to do our very best, and that meant staying positive and waiting for updates from the government on the national response to COVID and how/when large venues could re-open. 

Why we reached this decision

Quarantine from USA - After long consultation with our Visa specialist we were no closer to understanding whether guests from America could be allowed in the UK. They also weren't confident that any business exceptions could be made. This wasn't a 'deal breaker' in terms of a cancellation, but as days and weeks passed the chances of getting American guests into the UK has gradually diminished. This factor is still at the 'wait and see' stage, however it was always likely to have been a serious impediment.

Social Distancing - We've received many messages about how social distancing would affect photos. We stated all along that if the 1m+ rule remained then we wouldn't be comfortable keeping peoples money for photos that were purchased under different circumstances. No doubt some people would be happy standing a metre from the guests and having a picture - but others wouldn't feel they got the full value for their money. We had it confirmed today by the venue that they fully expect the 1m+ rule to be in place by October. This is a deal breaker for us, as it fundamentally alters the event experience for many people.

Ticket Sales - We understand why most events want to careful manage their PR when cancelling a show, and things like ticket sales wouldn't be discussed. Be we want to be 100% transparent. Since lockdown ticket sales for our events have dropped to about 1 or 2% of what they were prior to the pandemic. Part of the reason is that our marketing efforts had mostly been halted. It's very difficult putting a large spend into marketing a show that's 50/50 to happen in the first place. Assuming we could run the events, there is a great likelihood that we would lose a considerable amount of money which jeopardises future shows and would spoil the experience for the people who did attend. 

How about For the Love of Sci-Fi?

As things stand we're still hoping to run this event, and there are a few elements still in our favour. Firstly we have an extra month - which could be useful. Secondly due to the incredible popularity of Millie Bobby Brown, the event had been very close to a sell out. We are far more confident of being able to still run this event, but will of course continue to provide updates.

When are the rescheduled dates?

Both shows have been rescheduled for 2021.

For the Love of Wrestling will take place on May 15th and 16th 2021 at the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool.

For the Love of Horror will take place on October 16th and 17th 2021 at Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester.

Both of these dates are confirmed with the venues.

Which guests will be rescheduled?

Our intention is to move as many of the current guests across as possible. However please appreciate that schedules are a little up in the air at the moment. We made the decision to tell the public at the same time as the guests/agents. This means we will need a few weeks to determine who can attend next year and who can't. We hope that you appreciate that we wanted you to know straight away and we didn't cancel the event behind the scenes first and keep selling tickets for a date we knew wasn't happening.

Once we confirm that a guest won't be attending the new date we will let you know immediately and process a refund for that guest. 

Can I get a refund?

It remains our policy that people have the option to receive a refund if they want one. We have made a few comments about this in the past, and we truly believe that it is both wrong, and completely unfair to try to offer any type of credit instead. 

Next week we will post with details about how you can apply for a refund. Please don't message us in the meantime as we won't be processing requests until next week. It will be a simple process. We use an external ticket agency so that this type of thing is managed quickly and efficiently. Once processed a refund should take from 7-10 days to reappear in your bank. If it takes any longer then contact the source you purchased tickets from as it usually means that either your email wasn't received or the card you paid with has since expired (and you need to provide new card details for your refund).

Of course we very much want our show fans to keep supporting the events, and that's why we hope that being being honest and doing the right thing, that many of you will in return stick with us and retain your tickets for 2021. We are asking everyone to please keep your tickets and support us during this time. Next week we will also give details on a 'Thank You' offer that we'll make for everyone who does stick with us.

Once again thank you for your patience and for so many of you that have believed in us and stayed positive. We know that during these times it's always easier to be negative, but we tried to run the event, and have remained honest and open throughout that process. We have a lot of work to do now over the next few days so please hold fire with any questions until our next update.

Thanks again - and we'll see you soon.

Andrew Kleek CEO Monopoly Events

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A further update from Monopoly Events:

Event Postponement Update
As promised last week we wanted to give you a quick update after we confirmed that For the Love of Wrestling and For the Love of Horror would be rescheduled for May 2021 and October 2021.
Please note that we are only running one wrestling show in 2021, and that is on May 15th & 16th. The potential June dates for FTLOW3 won’t be going ahead now we’ve moved FTLOW2 back a year.
Refund procedure
We will be accepting refund requests made between August 1st and August 31st this year. If you want a refund on your tickets then please email monopolyevents@ticketquarter.co.uk. This gives people a full month to claim their refunds. After that date tickets will be transferred over to the new dates and refunds won’t be available.
They need to know your Order Confirmation Number (if you have it), and/or the email address you used to book with and/or your full name.
We hope that as many of you as possible will support what we’re trying to do with these conventions by organising specialist conventions for fans of both Wrestling and Horror. We can’t run these events without fan support and we just hope that as many of you as possible will continue to support us and retain your tickets for 2021. We know it’s tough times at the moment but your help by keeping your tickets is hugely appreciated.
If you are happy attending in 2021 you don’t need to do anything. All tickets will be transferred across automatically to the new date and you’ll be issued with new e.tickets with the new dates a lot closer to the shows.
Anyone who retains their tickets past the deadline on August 31st will be added to our priority bookings list. As well as ticket offers for some of our North West based events (such as MaccFest) we will give people the first notice about other upcoming events such as the next WWE Superstar Signing, which sold out very quickly this year!

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