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Fellow fans,


In the past I have travelled to the UK to feed my love for indy wrestling.

I can't do this every month as I am from the Netherlands.


I just stumbled upon the website of Revolution Pro Wrestling and they have an "on demand" service.


This is great. Now I can watch indy wrestling shows without leaving my family. I can walk my dog, put my son to bed and then watch a proper indy show while sitting on my couch. The price is comparable to the price of admission. I just stream the shows to the TV and my night is set.


Are there any other organisations who offer a service like this?


If so, please post the links. 


Watch Progress, Southside etc..



Watch Revolution Pro Wrestling:



Watch DragonGate: UK, FWA, NOAH



Watch Grand Pro Wrestling



Watch Preston City Wrestling:



Watch Insane Championship Wrestling


Watch Progress Wrestling



Many thanks!

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While not fully launched yet. Wrestling Store has started it's www.wrestlingondemand.co.uk project with Dragon Gate UK, Retro FWA, Premier Promotions, Noah UK, Wrestling Store Live Events and much much more.

It's a pretty huge project some prices and rent durations may be updated and changed over time but it's up and running and we're trying to add content from our absurd archive of footage



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Many thanks for the replies. I have updated my initial post with an overview.


This is really great. Usually I use Sunday Night to catch up on WWE and TNA. Lately I've been feeling kinda bored with all the cookie cutter shows.

These on demand services will provide some fresh new content for me to check out. It might cost a few bucks, but I have no problem supporting indy wrestling. As I don't have the time anymore to physically visit indy shows, I'm saving money anyway...


On demand is still a relatively new concept for indy wrestling. I hope it catches on and provides a new source of income for the organisations who put in all the hard work.


Much appreciated. 

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Just bumping this thread to say Your Fight Site VOD has officially launched: vod.yourfightsite.com


Promoters featured currently include PROGRESS Wrestling, House of Pain Wrestling, True Grit Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Chaos, and Squared Circle LIVE! Wrestling from Canada. International Showdown, the biggest card in UK wrestling history, is also available.


More promoters and content will be coming online over the next few weeks as well as additional features on the site, and also dedicated tablet and smartphone apps, with plans for apps on other platforms too.


Feel free to get in touch with any feedback, comments or suggestions.

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