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Released WWE Stars Fantasy Booking


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Someone mentioned in the releases fed about the number of guys that've been let go could resemble some of the WWA days.

It got me thinking, what's the best card you can come of with featuring still active guys turfed from WWE?

To be nice/fair/fun, I'll allow 2 imports from elsewhere if there are not on an exclusive contract (RoH, Japan, etc.)

I'll make a quick card as I'm about to go to bed.

*Edit, I realized this could take forever so it's very rushed.

Rey Mysterio Vs Alberto Del Rio


Matt and Jeff Hardy vs Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal

AJ Styles (Import) vs Chris Masters

John Morrison Vs Naomichi Marufuji (Import)


Colt Cabana Vs Finlay

Brodus Clay Vs Boogeyman

Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito


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So, is Rey confirmed as gone, or is it just rumours at this stage? And Finlay is contracted to WWE.


My quick attempt before bed myself:


Team USA vs. Team Mexico- Elimination 6 Man Tag


Scott Steiner, Chris Masters & John Morrison vs. Alberto Del Rio, Juventud Guerrera & Super Crazy


Triple Threat TLC Match for the WWE-Lite World Championship


Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin vs Sabu


The Godfather vs. Steven Richards (RTC gimmick)


Bikini Contest


Maria Kannelis vs. Brooke Adams (which would link to the above match)


Tajiri vs. Drew McIntyre


Jeff Jarrett vs. D'Lo Brown


Hurricane vs. The Brian Kendrick


Ah, that took longer than I thought. Checking that wrestlers are still active is a pain, especially when I'm trying not to use too many TNA names and don't know enough ROH/New Japan for the imports.


Saddened to find out that Chuck Palumbo is retired amongst my searching. :(

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I'm going to derail this thread a bit and do a card with wrestlers who are now deceased.


Main Event

Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage


Last Man Standing

Mike Awesome vs Umaga


Steve Williams vs Andre The Giant


Bam Bam Bigelow & Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Candido & Big Boss Man


Mitsuharu Misawa vs Wahoo McDaniel


Mr Perfect Curt Hennig vs Brian Pillman


Owen Hart vs Davey Boy Smith




Heaven has some roster (and this card wasn't including Dory Funk, Buddy Rogers etc.)

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