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If Pop Stars were Wrestlers


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That Miguel clip of him shearing off a poor girls head with leg lariat, led to me and a mate joking about on Facebook about more pop stars doing wrestling moves (Boyzone doing the old Spirit Squad finisher, don't ask, it's a slow day). But hell, what if pop stars/musicians were wrestlers. Who do they most resemble in likeness or in character similarities. NOTE: Don't just post pics, give a wee explanation, there are enough picture threads goings.







I would have said this was fairly obvious for these two as a comparison. Both seen as the head man in their chosen fields of entertainment etc. Both prone to extreme vanity and sometimes terrible ideas involving money (Red or Black/Million Dollar Mania). Vince has Shane, Simon has Louis.

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Tom Waits






Both started of great but really found their feet once they had the right gimmick and have spent the years since perfecting their personas, getting better with age. Sadly, i imagine they will both be winding up thier careers very soon but at least they'll be going out on top with no-one who can match them.

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-Both massive household names in the mid-80s.

-Both worked their way up and mastered their crafts through the previous years to the point where they could sell out stadiums.

-Both are master showmen.

-Both can make a crowd go wild with the simplest gesture.

-Both have their signature moves and calls (Hulk posing, Bruce powersliding, 'Whatcha gonna do, '1, 2, 3, 4')

-Both have their group of faithful sidekicks who have been with them throughout the years (Brutus, Jimmy Hart, Nastys / Stevie Van Zandt, Garry Tallent, Max Weinberg)

-Both are still going strong today, and despite being advanced in years, are still at the top of their game

-Both still give it their all in front of the crowd for the love of it rather than need for money or anything like that

-Both had cameos in films that were the best part of those respective films (Gremlins 2, High Fidelity)

-Both know how to structure a match / set for maximum crowd reaction


And so on.

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