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Smackdown *SPOILERS*


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SmackDown opens with the Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon, who announces that the new GM of SmackDown is a man who will call it down the middle... Booker T! Booker comes out to a nice pop. Alberto Del Rio comes out and starts talking. Out comes Sheamus, who tells Del Rio that he's happy about his upbringing and that he's not a rich punk like Del Rio. Booker tells Sheamus and Del Rio that they have single matches tonight before being stopped by Del Rio, who says he will not wrestle until SummerSlam. Booker tells Del Rio that he's the new boss and tonight he faces Randy Orton. Booker then tells Sheamus that he will face his opponent right now and it's... TENSAI.


1. World Hvt. Champion Sheamus defeated Tensai.


Booker was backstage with Eve and she sucked up to him to get a job in his administration. Teddy Long was offered a Sr. Advisor to the GM job. Booker gave Teddy the chance to tell Eve that there are no more job openings.


(2) Antonio Cesaro beat U.S. champion Santino in a non-title match. Cesaro came out to almost no reaction, then said hello to the crowd in five languages. Santino had the win with the Cobra, but Cesaro's foot was under the ropes. Cesaro then hit his finisher for the win.


Kane, Jericho, and Christian vs. Miz, Bryan, and Ziggler is apparently next. Kane's pyro being set up.



Before the match, they recapped Daniel Bryan's night on Raw. Bryan came out with "No" taped on top of his t-shirt. He hilariously said he's done saying "Yes!"


Matt Striker was backstage with Daniel Bryan and he showed a recap of Monday's Raw with the doctor. Striker asked Bryan if he has any thoughts and he said no. The camera panned out and he had a "No No No" t-shirt. He told the crowd not to chant "Yes", and said that he will be saying "no" more often. Of course, the crowd chanted "yes" much to his dismay.


3. Daniel Bryan, The Miz, and Dolph Ziggler defeated Chris Jericho, Kane, and Christian in a six-man tag. The heels won when Bryan rolled up Jericho.


Striker interviewed Randy Orton backstage and welcomed him back to the show. Orton mentioned Alberto Del Rio being number one contender for the World Title. Orton said he'll defeat Del Rio tonight.


WWE announced that Survivor Series is coming to Indianapolis on November 18. The password for the pre-sale is "series".


(4) Ryback beat Jinder Mahal via DQ. The crowd was into Ryback with barely any Goldberg chants. Jinder hit Ryback with a mic for the DQ.


Prime Time Players came out for the next match. Yes, A.W. was mic'ed for sound.


(5) Darren Young beat WWE tag champion R-Truth. Lots of shenanigans. Young won in about two minutes after five distractions.


Backstage, Cody Rhodes confronted GM Booker T. Booker announced Cody vs. Sin Cara for next week. Booker quotable: "I didn't call you sucker. I called you sucka."


(6) Randy Orton beat Alberto Del Rio via DQ when Ricardo Rodriguez interfered. Afterward, Sheamus came down and threw Del Rio into an RKO.

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I was kinda hoping Road Dogg would be named the GM. Makes sense, he's a road agent anyway so he'd be around for the TV tapings, he's great on the mic plus they could push his connection to HHH and DX as a reason he got the job. I also thought it'd be great if he named Billy Gunn like his Head of Security.


But Booker anyway from the commentary table is good, I'm sorry but he was bloody awful. Fingers crossed for William Regal's debut.


Anyone else sick and tired of AW? He is a fucking awful manager and personality. He's tainting D Young and Titus rather cool gimmick.

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I hope so. The video of him going around Comicon is worth putting on TV alone. It would be a nice hark back to when they would show their stars interacting with the outside world weekly at things that weren't B A STAR.


It's the sort of thing that could really help get him over. Don't just have him insult the audience, have him insult the world.


Could be like the Mr Perfect / Berty Del Rio vignettes, and push him to a whole new level

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But Booker anyway from the commentary table is good, I'm sorry but he was bloody awful. Fingers crossed for William Regal's debut.

I like Regal's insights and humour... when I can hear him. He mumbles a lot and is very soft spoken, which I find strange as he was always a good promo guy.


As for Booker being GM, great decision. He has incredible charisma and deserves a TV spot, but damn was he a bad commentator. Come to think of it he was never amazing at promos, but as GM he doesn't have to be, he'll be effective in small segments. What's the over/under on some heel bringing him back into the ring within 6 months though?


Sheamus impressed me against Tensai, who was pretty impressive himself. I don't know if it's just my imagination, but Tensai looks a little slimmer. Still a fat fuck though. The main reason Sheamus impressed me is that he had such a hard hitting match with Tensai about 24 hours after the really physical street fight with Bryan on Raw. I don't think him laying on the ground in pain after the match was selling. He's a tough guy.

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