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International SuperShow - Manchester. August 25th

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FutureShock Wrestling is happy to invite you all to join us for an August Bank Holiday in Manchester City Centre that you’ll never forget!


Established in 2004 and having held over 60 well received shows featuring the best up and coming UK talent supplemented with great established UK wrestlers as well as select International Wrestling stars FutureShock Wrestling has been wowing fans for nearly a decade. But now we are looking to step up our game as we present to you FutureShock’s first major City Centre event!


On August 25th 2012 at the prestigious Royal Northern College of Music on Manchester’s Oxford Rd FutureShock will present INTERNATIONAL SUPERSHOW! A one night extravaganza featuring everything you’d expect from a high end professional wrestling event including a hotly anticipated Match of the Year Candidate and an exciting 1st for FutureShock when two fierce rivals go head to head locked in a Steel Cage!!


As this is also pretty much FutureShock’s 8th Birthday there will also be a STRICTLY OVER 18s only AfterParty in the city centre!





Throughout 2011 Jack Gallagher was on a mission to hone himself into a world caliber wrestler that could stand with pride as FutureShock Champion. Putting out a challenge for FutureShock Management to bring him the absolute best in the UK Jack faced and defeated the likes of Bubblegum, RJ Singh, Joel Redman and Mikey Whiplash. Jack over came every challenge he was set except one. In a last minute coup by FutureShock management an appearance by then Ring of Honor Champion Davey Richards was obtained and the ultimate test of Gallagher’s abilities was created.

In a classic encounter that has had the words Match of The Year attached to it by many Richards defeated Gallagher and became the only person to have managed this since 2010!


Like the true Champion he is though jack just took this to mean one thing, he wasn’t as good as he could be and with this motivation he has worked harder, trained harder and obtained more than anyone thought he possibly could. And now standing as FutureShock Champion Jack Gallagher once again faces the mountain that is Davey Richards.





It has been nine long months since The One and Only Dave Rayne cost Zack Diamond Gibson his Trophy Tournament win, and the Number One Contendership spot last November.

In that time Zack has been relentless in looking for payback and a way to regain his opportunity. Rayne on the other hand has been relentless too, as a thorn in Gibson's side. Using every cheap hit and run tactic in his arsenal the former Champion has been there at Gibson’s every turn. The on-going bad blood has lead to a challenge being made and accepted!

But has Rayne backed himself into a corner? Or maneuvered Gibson right where he wants him? As now both these men will meet at International SuperShow in FutureShock’s 1st ever: Number 1 Conterndership STEEL CAGE MATCH!




Having battled their way past 7 of the best Tag Teams in the UK today, including The Blackpool Blondes and the Bhangra Knights on the same evening, the team of Sam Bailey and Sean Daniels will now face FutureShock's longest reigning Champions: The Models at International SuperShow on August 25th!


The Models are undefeated in tag team action for over two years now, setting the record for Longest FutureShock Championship Reign in the process. Managing to defeat some of the best teams in the UK during this time. With Melanie Price in their corner, as always, Joey Hayes and Danny Hope once again look to have the advantage when they defend against Notorious B.A.D




Having topped our long running Women's Round Robin league with an unprecedented undefeated streak "The Female Fight Machine" Jenny Sj

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Forgot to ask, but what's parking like in the nearby area?


There are a couple of multi-storey car parks not a million miles away and plenty of parking spaces around the universities nearby.

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As summer comes to a head, we here at Caged Asylum are slipping into our singlets, cracking out the steel cage and going all things wrestling on your asses. OOOHHHH YEAAHHHHHH!


Putting the call out for all of our Hulkamaniacs, Undertakers, Macho Maniacs, CM Punks and Ultimate Warriors – we need you to come down to the Ruby Lounge and get your groove on with our lovely Divas of Death and show them just how much of a 'Real American' you are!


Bringing the noise will be the real World's Greatest Tag Team – the Heartbreak Kid himself, Real XS's 'Dynamic' Dewsbury, together with resident Bushwhacker Mikee 'El' Diablo.


As we are also hosting the Futureshock Wrestling Afterparty following their International Supershow at the RNCM later on the day , get your fancy dress on (cheap entry if you do!) and prepare yourselves for a real rock 'n sock connection!




Get those costumes purchased cause it's ONLY

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