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IMPACT Wrestling Discussion July 5th *Spoilers*


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These usually appear after Impact airs so I thought I'd get one going (sorry The BarbarIAN) cause I'm pretty hyped for the show following on from last weeks cracking show.


Plenty to discuss as per usual with Impact Wrestling, the major things going into this Impact (the last one before Sundays Destination X PPV) are


Chris Sabin has an announcement regarding his injury status

Who will the next participants be in the Destination X Tournament?

Huge BFG Series match involving James Storm vs Jeff Hardy

Impact will also feature a 'final showdown' between Aries and Roode

More on the AJ Styles/Dixie stuff no doubt! AJ knocked up that bird.

Kaz and Daniels are Tag Team Champions once more.

Hopefully more Joseph Park goodness


and I'd like to hear more about these Skeleton lads after they've joined Twitter, but thats maybe unlikely...


Anyway, are you excited for the show tonight and Sundays PPV? Has Impact been on a roll or are you just not feeling it?

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What is pete williams doing?

He used to be under contract with Lucha Libre USA. Not sure if that contract is still in place but if it is he would not be able to appear on TNA.


Dakota Darsow (from last year's X Division tournament, son of Smash from Demolition) has been hinting all week that he's headed to Orlando tonight for a big opportunity. I assume that means he's wrestling for TNA again so I reckon he might be one of the X Division guys tonight. Other than that, I have no idea who might show up tonight and that's good thing. I would love to see El Generico be one of the guys but they just had a masked lucha style guy last week so I don't know if they would go for two in a row. I hope they do. I would also love to see someone like Sami Callihan show up for the tournament. Not exactly an "X Division style" wrestler but I think he can bring a lot to the table as he's a unique character/wrestler. Anyways, really looking forward to tonight's show. Should be a fun one. Staying up to watch it.

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Before they put the weight limit on X Division guys I thought Bad Bones would be amazing in TNA

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A Sabin retirement? I bloody hope not.



I'd mark for Konnan/Homicide/Hernandez to come down and kill the X division in America and take the belt to defend in AAA or something. A double to lose the main event and go back to mexico to win it back?



I'd love to see Pac come over for a one off.

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If I was booking, Chris Sabin would announce his retirement. Everyone is in floods of tears (and if not, stick a few plants in the audience). Dixie Carter comes out, gives him a big ham as appreciation for his work over the years. As he is carrying the big ham down the ramp ...


Here comes Super Porky and he steals the ham. You have a ready made feud for Sabin when he's recovered from his ACL injury and Porky can be in the X Division tournament as well. Two birds, one large Mexican stone.

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It might be the announcement for what was on the Hardcore Justice poster SPOILER - Highlight the black box to read

That the BFG series will be going hardcore, with 3 matches involving the 12 guys (i'm guessing three 4 way hardcore matches)

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