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Discs to clear

Magnum Milano

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Whole bunch more discs to be cleared from my collection as I continue the process of trimming it down. All of these are DVD-Rs and are my copies so only one of each available. Price is a 75p a disc (with shipping added), although deals could be done for larger orders. Any interest, shoot me a pm.




Best of - Canek in Japan vol. 1

Best of - Canek in Japan vol. 2

Best of - Jushin Liger in the UK (quality varies)

Best of - Mistico (4 discs)

Best of - Sabu in the NWA

BJW Deathmatch Wars #09 & #10 (12.03.04 & 12.10.04)

BJW Deathmatch Wars #25 & #26 (04.05.05 & 04.12.05)

BJW Deathmatch Wars #33 & #34

BJW Deathmatch Wars #37 & #38 (07.05.05 & 07.12.05)

BJW Deathmatch Wars #39 & #40

BJW Deathmatch Wars #41 & #42

BJW Deathmatch Wars #57 (12.27.05)

BJW Deathmatch Wars #62 & #63 (02.07.06 & 02.14.06)

BJW Deathmatch Wars #74 & #75 (05.01.06 & 05.08.06)

BJW Deathmatch Wars #78 & #79 (06.05.06 & 06.12.06)

BJW Deathmatch Wars #80 & #81

BJW Deathmatch Wars #84 & #85

BJW Deathmatch Wars #88 & #89

BJW Deathmatch Wars #90 & #91

BJW Deathmatch Wars #92 & #93

BJW Deathmatch Wars #104 & #105 (12.12.06 & 12.19.06)

BJW Deathmatch Wars #156 & #157 (01.22.08 & 01.29.08)

Big Mouth Illusion 10.08.05

Big Mouth Loud 12.29.05 (2 discs)

Big Mouth Loud 03.04.06

Big Mouth Loud 04.14.06

Big Mouth Loud 05.04.06

Big Mouth Loud 08.05.06

Big Mouth Loud 09.16.06

CGWA Wooton Bassett March 2000

CZW 10.16.99 Cage of Death

CZW 01.12.00 Climbing the Ladder (VHS conversion)

CZW 02.10.01 Crushing the Competition

CZW 04.14.01 Un'FN'Believable (VHS conversion, 2 discs)

CZW 09.24.02 Ultraviolent Freedom of Expression (VHS conversion, 2 discs)

CZW 12.04.02 Cage of Death 4 (2 discs)

CZW 05.10.03 Then & Now (VHS conversion, 3 discs)

CZW 06.28.03 Extreme 8 (2 discs)

CZW 07.20.03 D

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Is Sabu in the NWA the stuff from New Jersey? What's ISPW as well?

The Sabu comp features four matches; vs Al Snow, vs Tazmaniac, a ladder match vs Snow and one more (which I think maybe against Benoit). Can't remember if it is from the Coraluzzo promoted show or not.


The ISPW is an indy featuring a bunch of WWF and ECW guys.

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Here are the matchlisting for the ISPW shows that were enquired about earlier:


ISPW 7/22/99 WILDWOOD, NJ Gillberg vs. Inferno Kid // Judas Young vs. Christian York // J.R. Ryder vs. Twiggy Ramirez // King Kong Bundy vs. Lupus // Julio Sanchez & Glenn Osbourne vs. The Samoan Gangstas (with Afa) // Axl Rotten vs. Big Dick Dudley // Chris Candido vs 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Ace Darling (Triple Threat match for the ISPW Heavyweight title.)


ISPW 7/29/99 WILDWOOD, NJ Afa Jr. vs. Judas Young // Glenn Osbourne vs. Julio Sanchez // J.R. Ryder & Don Montoya & Flash Wheeler vs. Christian York & Joey Matthews & Jimmy Cicero // King Kong Bundy vs. L.A. Smooth // Axl Rotten (with the Iron Sheik) vs. 2 Cold Scorpio // "The Psycho" Derek Domino & "Sure Thing" Ryan Wing vs. The Bushwhackers for the tag titles // Chris Candido vs. Ace Darling (in a return match for the title) // Inferno Kid vs. Gillberg


ISPW 8/12/99 WILDWOOD, NJ Glenn Osbourne v. Julio Sanchez (Samu & L.A. Smooth run in and brawl with both Osbourne & Sanchez) // "The Samoan Storm" Afa Jr. & Billy "Highlight" Reil vs. Judas Young & J.R. Ryder (with Bobcat) // "The Psycho" Derek Domino & "Sure Thing" Ryan Wing vs Flash Wheeler & Don Montoya // Gillberg vs. "Surfer" Ray Odyssey // King Kong Bundy vs. "The Big Italian" Tom Brandi // Ace Darling vs. Axl Rotten // The Head Shrinkers, Samu & L.A. Smooth vs. Glenn Osbourne & Julio Sanchez // Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka v. Flyboy Rocco Rock


ISPW 8/19/99 WILDWOOD, NJ Stevie Richards vs. "Surfer" Ray Odyssey (VERY GOOD MATCH) // Flash Wheeler vs. "Sure Thing" Ryan Wing // Gillberg vs. Tom Brandi // A Steel Cage War Games match between WXW and ISPW // A scheduled Ladder Match between Chris Candido and Ace Darling for the ISPW Title turns into a 3 way dance with Axl Rotten joining the mix // Gangrel vs. Prince Albert (with Droz)


ISPW 8/26/99 WILDWOOD, NJ 20 man battle Royal // Billy "Highlight" Reil vs. "Sure Thing" Ryan Wing // Flash Wheeler vs. "Mr. Italy" Gino Caruso // "The Psycho" Derek Domino vs. Christian York // King Kong Bundy vs. The Iron Sheik // Tom Brandi vs. J.R. Ryder // Ace Darling vs. Judas Young for the ISPW Heavyweight Title // Head Shrinkers vs. Glenn Osbourne and Julio Sanchez.


Also added today a ton of CZW, IWA-MS, more US Indys, Big Japan and some WWE Commercial releases.

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