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football players you remember

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An interesting stat about this thread is that in out of forty replies of names, the poster has put a full stop after the name on 24 occasions, but on 16 occasions they didn't.


That means 60% of people are likely to use a full stop after a post that consists solely of a name. The figure is only approximate, though, it's skewed by repeat posts by singular persons and other unquantifiable influences (was the poster at work and wanting to finish the post quickly, thus not having time for a full stop that in the less pressurised home environment he may have utilised? did the poster spill a drink on his keyboard at some point and break the full stop key?).


Also, the results are only accurate up to Butch Reed Mark's 5.35PM post of 'Istvan Kozma', so doesn't take into account fresh posters returning home from work to post a name.

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