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[NOTE: This music video was made with Permission from PBW Management]


In a show that means so much to Scottish Professional Wrestling, there is one match that means more to a select group of British Pro Wrestlers, this match is the PBW King of Cruisers Match!


Started at Maximum Impact 1 in 2007, the King of Cruisers match was said to have "Stolen the Show" for most fans and gave 6 Wrestlers an amazing oppertunity to showcase their talents in this amazing multi-man elimination match-up!


Last years was considered by most to be the best KoC match so far, featuring:


CJ Banks

"The Mexican Sensation" El Ligero

Mark Haskins

Chris Rampage

Marty Scurll

and Zack Sabre Jr.


In this spectacular 6-Man Elimination free for all, El Ligero stood above all the rest holding the KoC Trophy for the first time in his career! Ligero competed in the 2007 and 2008 KoC matches previously, but, was unable to pick up the win, determined to come away with the trophy in hand this year, he pulled out all the stops and eventually had to face a man who is considered one of the BEST Technical Wrestlers in all of Europe, Zack Sabre Jr. and he walked away the new King of Cruisers!


With Maximum Impact 5 aproaching fast, there is one Question on my mind... who will be in this years King of Cruisers match!? So, with all that said who do YOU want to see in this years King of Cruisers match?

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Well, I wanna give my input!


PAC, Mark Andrews, MDogg20 Matt Cross and Mark Haskins... Mabye Sean South, although he is better in singles lol

interesting choices and I hope they have a hell of a budget because Haskins, Cross and Pac wont come cheap

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This is the same Saturday as the Dragon Gate show. So that rules PAC and Haskins out.


I know Noam Dar is booked up in Scotland for Pro Wrestling Elite the night before against Zack Sabre Jnr (Which should be an AWESOME match btw), so I genuinely hope he instead comes down to Nottingham to get the big exposure the guy clearly deserves.


Shame as I'd love to suggest names like Martin Kirby, but, I want him booked for Dragon Gate to be seen by a wider audience. And selfishly I wanna see him on DG!

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I'm not sure if he counts as a cruiserweight, but Nick Riiley (whom you might have seen wrestle Joel Redman) is a very good flyer and can have a cracking match. But he's based in the south so that might not be convinent.

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Richie: I will be talking to him in the next month or so and will let you know what he's been doing, last time I spoke to him he was just back from doing a road trip which he uploaded onto his YouTube account, I will let you know if he's ok with it mate

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