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Robert Colossus Returns!


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Former pro wrestler Robert Colossus first visits a pub in a local small town in Pennsylvania. After being thoroughly ejected by the pub's patron, he goes to the only place he knows for support: a church, for which houses the basement he's lived in since retirement, and it's priest. More to come.



Part 1-Dizzy's Bar



Part 2-The Church


Anybody check this out yet?

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Just a guy trying to get famous and make some money in the business he loves I guess? lol He's never worked anywhere big or with anyone big yet.


I am guessing that you are Robert Colossus... I gotta give it to you joinging every wrestling forum going and putting the video out for all to see is good marketing... Well done that man

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If the videos weren't enough to make me hate you alone, you then bug people when no one has posted in a couple of hours?


Fucking stupid.


If you're trying to get yourself over, try being upfront about it instead of an annoying back handed cunt.


I admire the efforts some people out in but there's no point if you then ruin it by being a dick.

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To the one fellow who complained about me bumping my post, I apologize but I wanted to get hits, so therefore I figured it wouldn't hurt to bump it one time to keep it near the top for a little while longer.


He is disgraced because....well, the exact reason you said. No one knows who he is, and I believe he created this "broken down horse" fantasy world of his to compensate for that fact in his own mind. He was trained by Sterling James Keenan(former 1PW champion), and sporatically worked for various promotions in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia, getting beaten(and quite quickly usually) at every turn. To this date he has no matches available on DVD or internet, because frankly, none of the promotions he worked for felt his matches were necessary to be taped. Sad? Yes. Delusional? No doubt about it! But many people have found it entertaining to see him work from the bottom up just to probably return to the bottom again, but this time at least it will be inside a ring. He is a legend in his own mind, and he wants you all to know about it, and I suppose that's the only way it can be explained....


Thank you for the replies.

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