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UKFF FIFA 11 PS3 League: Season Two


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Goal of the Season


The goal of the season video is now up, and can be found at the following address:



The goal of the season vote ended as follows:




Mamadou Niang's excellent goal for Fenerbahce in the first week of the season has won the vote. It can be seen again

. Well done to blackcountrywwfc.



League Organisation

As is stands, the league is organised in the following way:


- Up to two games for each team per week, due to having an odd number in each division each week two players will only have one game. A week runs Monday to Sunday, so hopefully there's enough time to plan and play your two matches by the end of the weekend.


- Teams play each other twice over a season.


- Each match is standard default length (6 minutes per half).


- Usual league rules apply, i.e. 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, etc.


- If two teams are level on points they will be separated first by goal difference, then by goals scored and finally by record against each other. If still tied then teams will be temporarily ordered alphabetically unless it's on the final table in which case a further separation method will be required (e.g. coin flipping, playoff if an important position, etc.).


- At the end of the season, three teams will be automatically relegated from Division One whilst two teams will automatically promoted from Division Two plus the winners of a playoff between the third and fourth placed teams in Divison Two will also be promoted.


Important Things to Note

When you play one of your games, make sure to note the score and then post it in this thread. Also, could people also note down the scorers and any other important info such as sendings off, etc., as stunstone is going to collate the stats and produce scoring charts, etc., and will post an update most weeks. I'll do a league table update after every week of fixtures. If you score a good goal please try to save it if you can and share the link here as I'll try and attempt to do a goal of the season at the end if we have enough entrants.


Remember to manually download the latest squad updates from the menu (My Fifa 11 > Squads) even if you've been prompted to do so in a head to head game before, otherwise any recent transfers or attribute updates for your team won't be applied as the head to head updates are usually temporary. If your team's recent transfers still don't show up when you play online.


Your matches each week can be played at any time during the week and in any order, meaning that you don't have to play your fixture one opponent first before you can play your fixture two opponent.


If you know that you're going to be away/not going to able to fufill your fixtures for a certain week in advance, let your opponents know and also post in this thread so that you can arrange to play those games before/after that week. If fixtures haven't been played by the end of the third week and a reason hasn't been given in advance (e.g. on holiday for week), then the fixture will be decided upon based on who tried hardest to get the fixture played. If both tried relatively evenly then it'll be a 0-0 draw, if one side tried a lot harder than the other to get it played it'll be a 2-0 win to them. The decision will be made by me with occasional consultation with my stats man stunstone316. If we can't reach a decision, or either side are unhappy with it, then a consensus decision will be made. This three-week rule is to prevent a fixture backlog and to make sure the tournament runs fairly smoothly.


Presumably we have no quitters here, but as the EA servers are a bit temperamental I know that genuine connection errors can occur fairly often, so if this does happen it's best to first liaise with your opponent to agree on whether or not the score should stand or whether you should replay the game. It's best to use your common sense with this one, so if one of you is 3-0 up with 5 minutes left it may be worth just accepting the result. Also, for instance, if the connection is lost around/not long after half time it would be better, if the score isn't 0-0, to count the first half and then start another game but only count the first half of that and then add the score to the other first half. If you can't agree, then post the problem in this thread and I'm sure as a group we can come up with a consensus decision.



Here's a list of everyone involved (PSN names in parentheses), sorted by team name. Last season's league position is placed after the PSN name. Remember to add your opponents as a friend to able to play them via the head to head -> play a friend menu option.


Division One


Besiktas - The British Bushwacker (padzilla) 8th

Bordeaux (FCGB) - wmxxx (pm_lynch) 1st Defending League Champion

Lazio - TUFCfan (TUFCfan) 10th

Newcastle - scottingham18 (viva_theingham) 9th

PSG - Tildeguy~! (andrewdutton) 2nd Tournament Winner

Spartak Moscow - blackcountrywwfcfan (fmburchillfan121)

Sunderland - Lawz (LawzE23) 4th

Wolfsburg - stunstone316 (stunstone) 5th


Division Two


Bolton - Louch (Swl-83) New

CSKA Moscow - TapOut Tapes (TheMoShot) New

Fulham - MVP RULZ (leeowls) New

Genoa - Nexus (Cinnanexus) New

Palermo - El Espanacas (borobeanyuk) 17th

Sporting - Metallica (Tallica1981) 15th

Stoke - rohpete (rohpete) 13th

Werder Bremen - TezzRexx (TezzRexx) 14th


League Table


Division One




Division Two




Both last updated 26/9/11




This week's two sets of fixtures are below, and in the spoiler tags further down is the full set of fixtures for both divisions. I'll replace the current fixtures that are being shown either late every Sunday evening or on Mondays.


No fixtures remaining.


Full Division One fixture list:

<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

Week 1 (Friday 24th June -> Sunday 3rd July)


Bordeaux 1 v 0 Fenerbahce

PSG 3 v 1 Besiktas

Spartak Moscow v Newcastle

Udinese 1 v 0 Schalke

Wolfsburg 5 v 0 Lazio


Besiktas v Bordeaux

Lazio 0 v 2 Fenerbahce

Newcastle v Wolfsburg

Schalke v Sunderland

Spartak Moscow v Udinese


Week 2 (Monday 4th July -> Sunday 10th July)


Besiktas v Udinese

Fenerbahce v Sunderland

Lazio v Bordeaux

Newcastle v PSG

Schalke v Wolfsburg


Bordeaux v Newcastle

Fenerbahce v Schalke

Sunderland v Besiktas

Udinese v PSG

Wolfsburg v Spartak


Week 3 (Monday 11th July -> Sunday 17th July)


Bordeaux v Schalke

PSG v Spartak

Sunderland v Lazio

Udinese v Newcastle

Wolfsburg v Besiktas


Besiktas v Fenerbahce

Newcastle v Sunderland

PSG v Wolfsburg

Schalke v Lazio

Spartak v Bordeaux


Week 4 (Monday 18th July -> Sunday 24th July)


Bordeaux v PSG

Fenerbahce v Newcastle

Lazio v Besiktas

Sunderland v Spartak

Wolfsburg v Udinese


Besiktas v Schalke

Newcastle v Lazio

PSG v Sunderland

Spartak v Fenerbahce

Udinese v Bordeaux


Week 5 (Monday 25th July -> Sunday 31st July)


Bordeaux v Wolfsburg

Fenerbahce v PSG

Lazio v Spartak

Schalke v Newcastle

Sunderland v Udinese


Newcastle v Besiktas

PSG v Lazio

Spartak v Schalke

Udinese v Fenerbahce

Wolfsburg v Sunderland


Week 6 (Monday 1st August -> Sunday 7th August)


Besiktas v Spartak

Fenerbahce v Wolfsburg

Lazio v Udinese

Schalke v PSG

Sunderland v Bordeaux


Besiktas v PSG

Fenerbahce v Bordeaux

Lazio v Wolfsburg

Newcastle v Spartak

Schalke v Udinese


Week 7 (Monday 8th August -> Sunday 14th August)


Bordeaux v Lazio

PSG v Newcastle

Sunderland v Fenerbahce

Udinese v Besiktas

Wolfsburg v Schalke


Besiktas v Wolfsburg

Lazio v Sunderland

Newcastle v Udinese

Schalke v Bordeaux

Spartak v PSG


Week 8 (Monday 15th August -> Sunday 21st August)


Bordeaux v Besiktas

Lazio v PSG

Sunderland v Schalke

Wolfsburg v Newcastle


Besiktas v Sunderland

Newcastle v Bordeaux

Schalke v Spartak

Spartak v Wolfsburg


Spartak v Sunderland*



Week 9 (Monday 22nd August -> Sunday 28th August)


Lazio v Newcastle

Schalke v Besiktas

Spartak v Besiktas

Sunderland v PSG

Wolfsburg v Bordeaux


Bordeaux v Spartak

Lazio v Schalke

Sunderland v Newcastle

Wolfsburg v PSG


Week 10 (Monday 29th August -> Sunday 4th September)


Besiktas v Lazio

Newcastle v Schalke

PSG v Bordeaux

Sunderland v Wolfsburg


Beisktas v Newcastle

Bordeaux v Sunderland

PSG v Schalke

Spartak v Lazio



[close spoiler]



Full Division Two fixture list:

<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

Week 1 (Friday 24th June -> Sunday 3rd July)


CSKA Moscow v Blackburn

Fiorentina v Genoa

Fulham 0 v 1 Palermo

Sporting 2 v 1 Werder Bremen

Stoke 1 v 2 Athletic Bilbao


Athletic Bilbao 2 v 0 Sporting

Blackburn v Stoke

Genoa 0 v 1 Fulham

Palermo 2 v 0 Bolton

Werder Bremen v Fiorentina


Week 2 (Monday 4th July -> Sunday 10th July)


Bolton v Genoa

Fiorentina v Athletic Bilbao

Fulham v Werder Bremen

Sporting v Blackburn

Stoke v CSKA


Athletic Bilbao v Fulham

Blackburn v Fiorentina

CSKA v Sporting

Genoa v Palermo

Werder Bremen v Bolton


Week 3 (Monday 11th July -> Sunday 17th July)


Bolton v Athletic Bilbao

Fiorentina v CSKA

Fulham v Blackburn

Palermo v Werder Bremen

Sporting v Stoke


Athletic Bilbao v Palermo

Blackburn v Bolton

CSKA v Fulham

Stoke v Fiorentina

Werder v Genoa


Week 4 (Monday 18th July -> Sunday 24th July)


Bolton v CSKA

Fiorentina v Sporting

Fulham v Stoke

Genoa v Athletic Bilbao

Palermo v Blackburn


Athletic Bilbao v Werder Bremen

Blackburn v Genoa

CSKA v Palermo

Sporting v Fulham

Stoke v Bolton


Week 5 (Monday 25th July -> Sunday 31st July)


Bolton v Sporting

Fulham v Fiorentina

Genoa v CSKA

Palermo v Stoke

Werder Bremen v Blackburn


Blackburn v Athletic Bilbao

CSKA v Werder Bremen

Fiorentina v Bolton

Sporting v Palermo

Stoke v Genoa


Week 6 (Monday 1st August -> Sunday 7th August)


Athletic Bilbao v CSKA

Bolton v Fulham

Genoa v Sporting

Palermo v Fiorentina

Werder Bremen v Stoke


Athletic Bilbao v Stoke

Blackburn v CSKA

Genoa v Fiorentina

Palermo v Fulham

Werder Bremen v Sporting


Week 7 (Monday 8th August -> Sunday 14th August)


Bolton v Palermo

Fiorentina v Werder Bremen

Fulham v Genoa

Sporting v Athletic Bilbao

Stoke v Blackburn


Athletic Bilbao v Fiorentina

Blackburn v Sporting

CSKA v Stoke

Genoa v Bolton

Werder Bremen v Fulham


Week 8 (Monday 15th August -> Sunday 21st August)


Bolton v Werder Bremen

Fiorentina v Blackburn

Fulham v Athletic Bilbao

Palermo v Genoa

Sporting v CSKA


Athletic Bilbao v Bolton

Blackburn v Fulham

CSKA v Fiorentina

Stoke v Sporting

Werder Bremen v Palermo


Week 9 (Monday 22nd August -> Sunday 28th August)


Bolton v Stoke

Fulham v Sporting

Genoa v Blackburn

Palermo v CSKA

Werder Bremen v Athletic Bilbao


Bolton v Blackburn

Fiorentina v Stoke

Fulham v CSKA

Genoa v Werder Bremen

Palermo v Athletic Bilbao


Week 10 (Monday 29th August -> Sunday 4th September)


Athletic Bilbao v Genoa

Blackburn v Palermo

CSKA v Bolton

Sporting v Fiorentina

Stoke v Fulham


Blackburn v Werder Bremen

CSKA v Genoa

Fiorentina v Fulham

Sporting v Bolton

Stoke v Palermo


Week 11 (Monday 5th September -> Sunday 11th September)


Athletic Bilbao v Blackburn

Bolton v Fiorentina

Genoa v Stoke

Palermo v Sporting

Werder Bremen v CSKA


CSKA v Athletic Bilbao

Fiorentina v Palermo

Fulham v Bolton

Sporting v Genoa

Stoke v Werder


[close spoiler]

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