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What's on Justin TV?


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Justin TV has some great streams on the go at the moment, here's a few on-air right now..



Attitude Era WWF





WWF vs WCW 1990-2001





WWF PPV 1993-2001





Shoot Interviews






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Good find this, was watching a bit of it earlier, managed to see some of the 1995 Rumble for the first time in years.


You automatically think of it as a bit of a dud because the Rumble match itself was pretty poor with it down to 1 minute intervals and they didn't really have enough talent to fill it - but Taker/IRS aside, it was a pretty fantastic undercard on that show. Razor/JJ, Bret/Diesel and the tag finals were all real good.

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Was watching some of the 1995 Raw action earlier. I really miss how all the heels were like one big evil gang. I loved watching King bring out people to interview on King's Court and just completely backslapping them and them having a laugh together at how bloody brilliant and evil they are.


At one point they cut to break and I got an advert for Doom on the Atari Jaguar.



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