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XBox Indie Games - XNA


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Are many people on here into the Indie Game scene, either playing or developing?


A couple of friends and myself are putting together a game, 'RUN: Prologue' and documenting the dev cycle on our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/RunPrologue. We're looking to document every stage, decision, development, awesome bug, argument, fight and anything else interesting between prototyping the game and release. Any (constructive) community feedback would be appreciated, come over and give us a 'like'

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The Xbox Indie Games service, before anyone gets too snotty, is absolutely superb. There are some real quality games out there if you sieve past all the dating games and fart apps.



Here's a special FutureMrsTarver starter pack!


Ninja Bros (Platform puzzler where you control multiple ninjas at once!)

Decimation X (It's like Space Invaders, but MENTAL!)

Score Rush (Galaga meets those bullet hell shooters that are secretly a bit shitty but everyone's too fucking hardcore to admit it. Ace shoot-em-up!)

Flotilla (Spacey strategy game that can't be summed up in a pair of parenthesis!)

Little Racers (Top-down racer, like an updated Supercars, if you remember that!)

Apple Jack (Puzzle-platformer where you control a guy who has an apple for a head. What, do I have to draw you a fucking diagram?)

MotorHeat (Like Burnout 2 crossed with an iPhone avoid-'em-up racer!)

Breath of Death VII (Funny RPG lampoonage!)

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Also a big Indie fan as well. I know Rockwell and JLM will pop up in this thread too more than likely.


My choices would be -


The "Johnny Platform" Series

Most games by RadianGames

Protect Me Knight


I'll be sure to keep an eye on this too.

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Stevie Lynn! Now there's a name I haven't heard for years! Best of luck with the venture.

Pro-Wrestler turned video game developer .. it's the dream right!?


FutureMrsTarver - Nice selection, I'd personally recommend Breath of Death and the Johnny Platformer games. I believe they're all 80 points each too(?). Bargain!

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The indie games section on XBL is tremendous, I'd second the love for Decimation X but it's sequel Decimation X3 is even better. As someone who loves the classic scrolling shooter the Indie section is a gold mine - Shoot 1up is probably my favorite & Beat Hazard (with the right music on your hard drive) is as good as anything on XBLA.


The whole scene reminds of the the glory days of the 8 bit "bedroom coders" who would create these fantastic games on a shoestring budget and churn out 5 or 6 quality games a year compared to the multi-million pound, 5 year development time of some modern titles. Which still turn out shit.

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Love xbox Indie games and this thread. Pretty busy at work today but I hope this thread stays here and doesn't get merged into the general 360 thread so I can give my thoughts later..


There's a bunch of the recommendations that have been made already that I haven't heard of or played and I'm always looking out for new Indie games so look forward to trying those out also.

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