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Sir Oliver Humperdink Passes away

Mr Mojo Rising

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That's a shame, one of the more underrated managers in that you don't here his name mentioned that often.


He was in WWF as the manager for Bam Bam Bigelow around the time I started watching regularly and got into it properly - the only babyface manager they had apart from Elizabeth. So hopefully he gets a mention tonight on Raw. The bright red hair and the jackets stood out. In retrospect that was an odd pairing and I understand the fans didn't like it at the time and looking back I can see why, but I didn't know any better back then and it just was what it was. It was only later on when I saw his earlier work that I realised the guy was actually a really good heel manager.


Then when I first discovered wrestling it magazines it was around the time he was 'The Big Kahuna' with the SST. Funnily enough a few years later when I started watching WCW full time he was there again this time with The Freebirds.


Then of course there was the (in)famous Eurosport commentary which is another thing I will never forget. Like MarkoH I quite enjoyed it because for as crap as Craig DeGeorge was I thought Humperdink was actually pretty funny at times.


Then when I started occasionally reading messageboards (had always stuck to newsites in the late 90s) I remember reading some of his posts at Kayfabe Memories.


Not saying any of those were career highlights for the guy compared to his earlier work by any stretch but those are the times I remember him best from. He also seemed like a cool guy in the various interviews he did as well.



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RIP Big Daddy Dink :(


I fondly remember his Commentary on Eurosports New Japan programs in the early 90s.


Yeah man Humperdink was really good on there. He actually added to the enjoyment of the matches for me, like JR, Heenan, Ventura etc.


Like BigBoot said he did well considering he was lumped with Craig DeGeorge most of the time. For a spell though it was Sir Oliver and Gordon Solie and they provided some of the most enjoyable commentary to me. Not Monsoon/Heenan or Schiavone/Ventura but they worked well together.


Sad news :( I'm a bit out of the loop with pro wrestling lately, never even knew he was in bad shape.



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