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Crazy wcw angles


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It's not an angle as such but the stupidest thing they ever did was the triple threat shoot fight, Schiavone shouting "There's no script!!" every 30 seconds and the rest of the announcers going on about Steiner being professional for taking the Jacknife was just beyond shite


Wasn't there also backstage vignettes of Buff Bagwell complaining about being scripted to lose to Scotty Riggs? Don't think I saw it but felt like it was the most stupid thing I had ever heard of.


Wasn't that a scene from Ready To Rumble? That was a bizarre mix of kayfabe and kayfabe-breaking.

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I hear almost invariably that wCw was great in 2001 - obviously, that bit must have started in 2000 somewhere, so if I wanted to watch it from where it started being decent to when the promotion eventually shut down, where should I start from?



I'd say December is when things started turning round for them, and by January they really started to hit their stride. I rewatched all the 01 Nitro's last year and it really is fantastic tv, quite simple booking, but really effective.



Prepare to jump on the Cat bandwagon, Carbomb.


Edit. Here's Megaupload links for all the Feb and March Nitro's, The January links seem to have disappeared..





Great stuff, Cleets. I remember that Steiner in 3 matches show and I still dfend it's one of the best one-night storylines ever done.

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Scotty Riggs "losing his eye" due to a drop toe hold onto a chair by Raven.


Riggs then joins the flock and wrestles with an eye patch for the next few months.


The flock later disbands and Riggs is re-packaged as a narcissist with two working eyes again.

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