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Hi guys,


I work for a community centre, and we are try to think of ways to improve our activities and classes etc. The centre has:


-a large-ish hall, with a small stage

-2 rooms with chairs for talks, screenings etc (each can seat 25 people)

-2 TVs

-A coffee bar

-2 course lunch served every day in the hall


I was just wondering if you guys had any ideas? If you have/did have a community centre near you, what would you like to see them do? We are open to everyone, but mainly attract elderly people during the day, with outside bookings taking place in the evenings. We want to keep the current crowd, but also attract new people (of all ages). Current activities include: bingo, raffles, card games, talks and discussions, exercise class.


I was thinking of holding more talks for the elderly, as well as themed days ('Around the World', 'Wild West' (inc. a line dancing lesson) etc). I was also thinking of holding things for local children/families during the half term holidays (eg: entertainers, talks etc).


Over to you. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to reading your ideas! :thumbsup:

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If you have a live music license, local promoters doing open age shows to promote local talent are always a good idea. Kids have so little to do of an evening and if you can offer them a chance to go to a safe enviroment and introduce them to new music, is always a plus IMHO.


Also a gaming night could work depending on the area. There are Yu-Gi-Oh, WoW & M:TG groups nearly always looking for somewhere, even if just for one night where they can gather and play.

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How about holding different craft days? I think that would interest people of all ages, and when it comes to things like knitting and quilting the elderly can then get involved and help teach people. For the old boys, how about model building? I think kids would love that too. I used to help teach cake decorating at a local day centre and that was a lot of fun. We would have everyone in the same class for example there would be elderly, learning disabilities, children and the odd (take that how you will) adult.

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