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Beauty And The Beast

Kata Ha Jime

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Has anyone been watching this on Channel 4?


For those that don't know it's a programme challenging prejudice by pairing up someone with a facial disfigurement and someone obsessed with cosmetic surgery. So far there has been two episodes, and basically the person with the disfigurement tries to steer the other away from surgery. Half way through there's a guy (forgett his name) who has a severe disfigurement who asks the general public why people like him arent in TV or Movies which on the first episode was fair enough. However in the recent one he sets up a "Freak Show" ans stands in a tent so people walk in and he can ask them what they think "Is he a freak?" and "Why can't people like him be in movies." Obviously they have a chat and say he isn't a freak and that people have to be beautiful to be on TV (nicer put though) apart from one woman who walked in screamed and left (genuinly).


Now I have my opinions but I'd like to hear yours whether you have watched it or not.



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