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ICW: Nightmare On Renfrew Street + Afterparty(showing WRESTLEMANIA)


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Johnny Moss v Martin Stone will be awesome!! Be surprised if you're allowed back in the building after the damage coming from this one :)

Where does it say its Stone Vs Moss?

That would perhaps be one of the best matches in the history of ICW if it happens.



Look at the original post and note the 2 names in bold~~~


Clever boy is our Mark ;)

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Why would you have Moss Vs Martin Stone?I would love to see Stone vs Jester or BT Gunn.

Also I think we should get the match that almost happened 8 months ago.

Dallas, please give us


Isn't that a stupid question? The vast majority of people WANT to see Moss Vs Stone in this environment. I've personally never seen them wrestle and would LOVE to see Mossy take him on in ICW.

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As good as Moss vs Stone would be, there are several matches I would like to see Stone in. And Mossy is the only guy I think can face James Scott other than BT Gunn at the moment.

The card I would like to see is something like this

Wild-Thomson (already confirmed)

Bucky Boys-Rage and Storm (Expected)

Nikki Storm/Kay Lee Ray-Carmel/Sara (Expected)

Joe Coffee- Vinny James- (hinted at)

Jester-Stone As far as I know this match has never happened, Stone will probably be a heel and Jester is the most over Scottish Face

Gunn-Wolfgang- The sell Job from Wolfgang's piledriver makes me think there will be a match between the 2

Moss-Scott- Don't think there will be a Jester rematch, think Booty will be wrestling Wolfgang and Grange just came off a loss, so I can't see any other faces facing Scott for the title.

Also maybe something like STi and Renfrew against Red and Absolution and Lionheart vs Kid Fite

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Im expecting some Renfrew/red lightning interaction after the absolute pasting Renfrew got with that kendo stick.


Either that or a lightning vs divers match and/or wolfy vs grange if thy rivalry is to keep running.


Either way I'm looking to see what's next for the gold label and the NAK guys.


what a night this is going to be!!!

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Yes but everybody i've spoken too is in the same boat as me, they want MOSSY VS STONE. You are of course entitled to your opinion. Johnny Moss is a special attraction, he should be ICW's Goldberg, kept away from the main events for a long time, let him destroy people forever more I vote.

The womens division in ICW really needs an injection of new talent. Only so long the same girls can feud in the same companies within Scotland before people get bored of it.

I want Jester vs Scott part 2 If im honest. They both blew me away with that matchup.

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