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Showtime Championship Wrestling


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We are a new Pro Wrestling company that after nearly a year of work in the background open there doors to the public.


We are a company that are looking to promote top class wrestling bringing you the best Uk talents we can whilst mixing them with hand picking local talents who are just waiting for a chance to star on a bigger stage.


In the planning of this event we have kept an eye on this forum and kept an eye on what people want. We plan and aim to give you new storys, new ideas and a fresh company with fresh talent for you to enjoy whislt keeping all your favourites at touching distance.


New promotions come up all the time and we are sure you have seen this sort of post a million and one times however we feel we are different. A 2 man team lead the promotion with qualifactions that are transferable to this venture. With degrees and diplomas in media, business and sports development we feel we have what it takes to make this work.


Talk is cheap though and we feel actions speak a lot louder than words so ....


The main event for the Debut show is


The UKFF voted UK number 2 wrestler Dave Mastiff vs As seen on WWE smackdown and UKFF top 50 member James Mason

We have many more big annoucements about this debut show where we aim to enter the UK scene with a huge bang.


Keep checking for all the latest.


***********SHOW DETAILS**************


Saturday 19th Feb 2011


Daventry Saxon Suite

@Daventry Leisure Centre

Lodge road

NN11 4FP

(Free Parking)


Doors 6.30 pm

Bell Time 7 pm





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First of all we would like to say thank you for all the message's of support we have been getting and tell to let you no that work is already going ahead on future shows working with the same model as this and more HUGE UK main events to come.


We are very proud to annouce a working relationship with 'the ticketsellers' who will be our ticket booking agent for shows to come. This allows our fans to buy tickets over the internet or by using payment cards whilst been 100% safe and secure when making there purchase.


Ticket lines are now open for the show and you can book them either online or by phone 24 hours a day on 0844 870 0000


Or using the link below




Any unsold tickets will be availble to buy on the door


We are also looking into taking payment through paypal so stay tuned for more infomation on that.


There will be more details on the rest of the card as the show draws closer with another big uk star who you can see regular on FWA. Aswell as 2 features who have starred on some of ITV's most popular prime time shows.


For now we are proud to annouce that the show will be hosted to you by Market Harbrough 102.3 FM's very own ROB MALTMAN.


Rob has worked in radio for over 10 years and has his own weekly programme based on wrestling. We are proud to have him working with us and feel he will become a huge assest to us and the Uk scene.




Daventry Saxon Suite

Lodge Road

NN11 4FP


Free Parking



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hey northseatiger


I just thought id clear this up quickly.


We aim to promote a great family based night out with something for everybody to enjoy. Along the way we aim to bring in some out of wrestling talent to offer something new and different to the crowd. These two guys are 2 of them. We have connections with Pro Footballers, Pro darts players, bands as well as some other talents that have been on TV over the years.


So in short the two guys that have been on ITV over the past year are both non wrestling names and will be making guest appearances in some nature.


We realy want to bring out the enterainment in this sport

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Hello again.


We have been getting flooded with messages of support and we want to thank you all for those messages. We are also getting alot of interest as to what else will be on the card on Feb 19th when we debut in Daventry.




'The Red Tiger' Axel Bowen is a Rugby based Wrestler who has been waiting for a chance to star on the big stage. Through 2010 he spent a lot of time in the gym and training hard to aid him in his life long quest to get into the UKFF top 50. Axel Bowen spent many days on his laptop checking the latest results come in getting more and more annoyed as the results slowly came in and day by day he was no where to be seen.


Axel has decied that this year he is going to change his approach.


This year the Red Tiger Axel Bowen through Showtime Championship Wrestling has issued a open challenge to anybody from the UKFF top 50. Every show through 2011 he will battle with UKFF top 50 and a score card will be live on the SCW website to follow the progress of this challenge.


We at Showtime Championship Wrestling are fully behind the challenge and look forward to welcoming many UKFF top 50 stars through our doors.


We are also very happy to annouce that we have our first challenger lined up to face Axel Bowen on Feb 19th at the Saxon Suite Daventry.


To find out which UKFF top 50 member has stepped upto this challenge go to our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pa...144701935586992 feel free to join up while you are there to stay up to date with the latest on what is set to be an amazing debut show.




Tickets are still on sale through the ticketsellers 24 hours a day on 0844 870 0000


or follow the link for online sales https://www.theticketsellers.co.uk/buy_tick...ts/?id=10014563



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'The Red Tiger' Axel Bowen is a Rugby based Wrestler who has been waiting for a chance to star on the big stage. Through 2010 he spent a lot of time in the gym and training hard to aid him in his life long quest to get into the UKFF top 50.


Isnt that everyone's dream?



Really am quite impressed with the attitude and product being displayed thus far, I for one will be at this show to make sure Mr Showtime lives up to the hype.


What a great message it would send to those who think they can start their own promotion because they can hire a ring and get their mates to put on matches yet there isnt a months worth of training between them or a clue in their heads and yet wonder why they get slated for advertising on here.

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Do you guys have a website yet (did i miss you mentioning it?) Either way, i share the opinions of the above posters, it all sounds great as it currently stands. You have managed to speak in such a way that has drawn people in and everything that you have said so far sounds pretty damn good.

Im guessing your based in the Northampton area, i was just wondering how far north you would be willing to venture to put on a show? i understand its prob's way too early to think that far ahead, but thought i'd ask anyway!


Cheers and good luck.

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Hello Kaz Hayashi and thanks for the interest in Showtime Championship Wrestling.


We do have a website which will hopefuly be launched next week. It is just having the final touches done on it now.


To answer your question we are based in Northamptonshire and will at first be working very local. However plans are already in motion for later this year to do a show in south yorkshire. We have very strong links with a high profile football club in the area who we are working with and hopfuly something big could happen later this year if not early next.

We are looking to move forward and become a well respected company in this country and want to be here for the long term. We have some big ideas and some big plans coming for this summer. But until then we have some great shows lined up


so come down and support us on Feb 19th and help us grow and become something we can all be proud to be a part of.

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Thanks for your answers, one last thing, would I be right in assuming that you will be filming the event and making your DVD available soon after the event?

It seems to be the one thing that some promotions struggle with, it's either late out and the buzz has died down for it, or it's out quick but not great quality.



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Agree 100% with what you are saying there and that is why we will not be making a DVD for the early shows. For sure its something we are looking into and something we would like to do long term. However during this start up stage we want to work on putting on the best possible show for the night and any spare money to be put into the card.


DVD's are expensive to do right and while awareness about us is not very high would be a sure fire way to loose money.


The other choice is to do the DVD's on the cheap. However this means a poor product and anyone who buys the DVD will get a bad impression of us.


The show will be filmed for personal purposes and for workers if they want to watch there matches back or want a copy of the footage for finding future work with different companies. This will be shot from a technical point in the building and will more than likely be a one camera shot.


As things stand there are going to be 2 photographers. One for us and one is coming down from the local newspaper who are running a feature on us.




We would also like to say thank you to all UKFF members who have shown an interest and made us feel welcomed. We have been hit with so many messages of support, advice, and people willing to help us should we need them.


We understand this might not be the biggest gesture in the world but as a thank you we have now opened a special ticket on our ticket sales website. This ticket is the UKFF admit one ticket and is priced at just

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