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UFC Undisputed 2010


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Having played the demo now for a good couple of hours, I must say the improvements to gameplay are fantastic. Punch combos flow alot better and not as robotic!


The intro starts by explaining that now with the UFC community you can actually TRAIN people in fight camps and teach them your techniques you can also set up tournaments etc.


You get to play one of 4 LHWS. Machica, Shogun, Rashad and Rampage.

From clinch to ground game the system has been revamped. Circular movements with the right analogue stick control most of what happens.

So far loving Shoguns leaping switch high kick :D

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The cage control can be rather deadly. Pinning Machida to the cage and knocking his jaw off makes me very happy.

Just the updated graphics as well as the addition of new techniques will make this a great game when its fully out.

the leaning and control from what i've seen is rather awesome too. especially with counter punching!

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