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Dragon Gate UK : Shingo v Yokosuka 2 DVD Released!

Mark Sloan

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Dragon Gate Return Announced.

"We Promise, We'll be back" The booming words were met by a loud roar of excitment at last year's Dragon Gate UK debut. When finally Dragon Gate landed in the UK for what can only be described as an amazing event, many people were expecting a huge event but they got one of the great shows to ever take place on European Soil.


The show took place at the Regal in Oxford, a new venue as far as Wrestling in the UK was concerned. However with a turn away crowd of over 500 of the loudest, most intelligent fans in Europe, Dragon Gate left a huge mark that night and Pac stood in the middle of the ring and proclaimed they would return. Now true to their word, Amerchandise present and proudly sponsored by FSM, they return for TWO incredible nights this September. Such was the feeling after the last show that Dragon Gate officials told us they wanted to come to the UK for two events, "The UK event was was the best we have held outside of Japan" was the exact wording and that was down to the immense crowd support.


Friday Sept 10th at the Broxbourne Civic Hall, Hertford and Saturday Sept 11th at the Burgess Civic Centre, St Ives, Cambridge. Anyone who has follows British Wrestling or British supershows will know all about the Broxbourne Civic Hall, it is one of the premier event venues in the country for Wrestling. It is easily accessable for all forms of transport and with us having to hold a friday event it was decided that we would put it in one ofthe most well known venues to make transportation as easy as possible for everybody.


The Burgess CiviC Hall will play host to DG on Saturday Sept 11th. This is another AM debut venue and it is absolutely stunning, as you can see in these photos below. It already has state of the art lighting, video screens and sound. The venue also has a balcony and great decor. It is situated in St Ives and is attached to the huge leisure centre, and will seat upto 500 people, so we're expecting another turn away crowd. We discovered the Regal last time and it looks like we have done it again with The Burgess Civic Hall, it is going to have it's room blown off!


The first Confirmed Match is an epic rematch of quite possibly the 2009 match of the year on European Soil, Susumu Yokosuka takes on Shingo in what will sure to be a show stealing battle. With this in mind the event will be simply and aptly named as "Yokosuka V Shingo 2", it will also feature 4 other matches plus a bonus match (which is announced in FSM (Fighting Spirit Magazine) on sale 22/4) and obviously with those two confirmed for Night 1, it means they are available for matches on night 2 aswell.


Full Event Details, along with the card layouts are located at www.dragongateuk.com and with the cards & fighters are being announced almost weekly and also in FSM with exclusive announcements and updates. Our update schedule will give you a list of the current months announcements.


Event Details



DG:UK "Yokosuka V Shingo 2"

Friday Sepetember 10th

Doors Open 7pm, Show Start 7.45, Est Finish 10.15

Broxbourne Civic Hall

High Street



EN11 8BE



DG:UK "Invasion 2"

Saturday September 11th

Doors Open 6.30pm, Show Start 7.20, Est Finish 10.10

Meet and Greet 4pm - 5.30pm

Burgess Civic Hall

Westwood Road

St Ives


PE27 6WU


*posters are meant as samples, they do not represent final roster or artwork


Tickets On Sale Now!


Ticket Prices



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Nice to see Dragon Gate returning. It's a shame that both are in the south, for the northern fans (including friends of mine from Manchester).

Both venues are around 400 seats, looking at the seating plan. The atmosphere should be good. I fear that attendance in Broxbourne son't sell out due to travel times and it being on a friday.


From what Marks said it looks like there will be at least 2 DG stars debuting on these shores. The list of DG wrestlers who haven't been in the UK includes:

Naoki Tanisaki



Akira Tozawa


Masaaki Mochizuki

Don Fujii


Super Shisa

Yasushi Kanda

Kenichiro Arai

Cyber Kong

Stalker Ichikawa


I hope that YAMATo is one of those names. I'm not too fussy about the second name but I would prefer that Gamma stays in Japan.


Well done Mark

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Well, my flight to America was just cancelled for the third time in as many days with next available flight not until Thursday (incidentally also my birthday) so I really needed something to pick me up.


This definitely helped. I hope YAMATO and Masaaki Mochizuki for the two debuts personally.


Also Shingo vs Yokosuka 2! Fuck yeah. My fantasy booking dream come true.

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I am so pleased , i have cussed myself for ages for not going to the last Dragon Gate show and was preying they would be back , i was quite happy to travel to oxford ( 2 hour drive ) and yet they announce a show half an hour away - i am there , sooooooo happy :thumbsup:

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:D YAY! I'll try to be at both shows, I don't think Uni starts until after these shows, good timing Mark!


I hope YAMATO and Tozawa come over. I also hope they bring at least the ODG title with them this time, I'd love to see it, but I can understand them not wanting to bring titles over.

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