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Worst Event of the Decade


Worst Event of the Decade?  

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I bought Great American Bash 2004 a few years ago, because I was curious after reading the praise for Mysterio/Chavo as WWE's best Cruiserweight match on here, and having seen the event I didn't hate it. It had that match and I thought the Bullrope match was decent and the four way was okay. That said the card did look really drab going in which is why I didn't watch it at the time and it was before people had really gotten into JBL's character. I actually thought that GAB 2005 was worse.


I nominated WrestleMania 2000 and X8 because they were such let-downs considering what they could have been, but I wouldn't actually vote for either. I'm going with the obvious one here.

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I enjoyed Wrestlemania 16. It certainly doesn't deserve to be on this list.


It was a toss-up for me between December To Dismember and New Blood rising. I went with the former because I actually expected it to be decent and it was quite possibly the biggest let-down ever and in my opinion, the final insult to the memory of Heyman's ECW.

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