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Funniest Moment of 2009


Funniest Moment of 2009?  

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Poor old Steiner is fucked as his votes will get split between those two things. I voted One Man Maffia as I'm a bit gay for Steiner right now.

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One Man Maffia -


The bit when he raises his arms in victory at 0:32 fucking creases me. But in saying that, the while promo is ace "I'm not Nostradamus", and "not the smartest person I know, the smartest person you know".


Scott Steiner threatens to knock out a 18 month year old -


"When you allude, you make an ass out of yourself, and then you make an ass out of me."

"No, he's 1 1/2. That's what's great about me. I don#t discriminate against age"

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