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Greatest Moment of 2009


Greatest Moment of 2009?  

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Um, aren't the two tombstone ones the same, really?


I wouldn't say so. The facial reaction definately deserves it's own spot, although I went for the kickout myself, as I was really rooting for the HBK win.


The facial reaction was amazing though. A month after Edge's "BWUAHAHAHAHA !!" facial reaction at No Way Out which was overlooked sadly. :(

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I went for the punt on Vince, because it was probably the single moment for me in recent memory that made me feel like the WWE still had it in them to do the 'shock and awe' moments that were so evident in the Attitude era. At the time, it really felt like it could become as iconic as HHH marrying Steph on RAW or Austin shaking hands with Vince.

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