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Some answers to some common questions, things that will get you a shit sig, or things that will get you banned- other mods feel free to post ITT!


:crazy: - You

:cool: - LL Cool Mod


:crazy: I hate my username, change it to "KobashiStylez1998" NOW!!!

:cool: Only paid members can have this done. Please become one. Otherwise wait until neil gets bored and annoys the entire forum with one of his terrible name change threads. Do not PM neil about changing your name unless you are a paid member.



:cool: Refresh your memory on the sig rules. In general, if your sig has anything animated it is terrible and too big. You get 5 chances to use your brain before you lose your sig FOREVER....FOREVER...FOREVER....FOREVER


:crazy: i posted a joke about this celebrity dying and i ended up with a stupid sig too...what gives?

:cool: If you make terrible jokes about any celebrity dying these will be judged for humour by the UKFF Comedy Police. Chances are if you looked it up on sickipedia, got it in an email with the subject field "FWD: FWD: fwd: RE: FWD: WRONG BUT FUNNY READ", or got it via a text message from your mate then it is shit. Don't post it.


:crazy: I am so outraged by people on this forum that I am throwing a big tantrum and quitting the forum in the hope people will try to stop me.

:cool: Your account is going to get disabled then. How about you just stop posting?


:crazy: can someone tell me about this lexx thing???

:cool: No. It is pretty much a bannable offense to mention it due to all the lameness that follows. Be careful when mentioning it on this forum.


:crazy: My threads are all messed up now. Why did you change my settings?

:cool: We didn't - you did! Go into any thread, and then click the options button (located on the topic title bar), and then pick "Linear". Problem solved. Ronseal.


:crazy: I just donated money to the UKFF!

:cool: Thanks. We need it. In order to get your account UPGRADED in super fast fashion (we know you want to gossip in the paid member forum ASAP), consider PM'ing neil with a copy of your paypal receipt. He will do the needful.


:crazy: I'm new here. How do I fit in?

:cool: Good question. Lurk for a while. See what the style and flow of the various forums are. The Main forum and off topic have completely different vibes. Try to think before you post. Ask yourself, "Is this post/thread any good?". If the answer is no, then don't post. Also, search before you make a topic that has been done to death before. You will fit in faster by making good posts rather than posting a ton of shit.


:crazy: screw u...im just gonna post woteva i like. its a forum i cannae giv a bother like

:cool: You'll be insulted for the most part, and possibly banned then.


:crazy: ha but the ukff rules say that flaming is against the rules...i got u over a barral

:cool: Flaming is actively encouraged against shit posts and morons.


:crazy: Cool. I'm an internet bully and I will target that guy and follow him around the forum picking on literally every post he makes.

:cool: Well thats trolling and it tends to be shit. You'll be warned, suspended, or banned.


:crazy: Well what the hell am I supposed to do then :(

:cool: Walk softly with a large stick. In other words, click report on a post you don't like. Explain why, and let mod's take care of it.

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Posting the spoiler rules on here again seeing as it seems to have gone nuts recently with the whole TNA thing:




Any posts about TV shows which haven't aired yet in the UK (Raw, for example) should have SPOILERS clearly placed in the subject line. It is important that you abide by the spoiler rules as people revealing spoilers will have their accounts suspended, so take care before posting. If we suspect you of deliberately revealing spoilers or continuously revealing spoilers we will disable your account permanently.






Raw & Smackdown


Raw or Smackdown spoilers can be posted after the evening show (i.e 9/10pm) has aired. It should be noted that with Raw now being broadcast live in the early hours of Tuesday morning, threads relating to the show should still be marked as SPOILERS until the evening show has aired. This is to give people who are unable to stay up for the live show a chance to see it without having the show spoiled.






Pay Per View events


SPOILERS should be marked for the next 2 days after the event has taken place, therefore until Tuesday evening (9 PM) in the case of a Sunday PPV. A Tuesday PPV would alter that deadline to Thursday evening at 9 PM.






TNA Events


ALL TNA results must be clearly marked as SPOILERS until one week after the US airing. This includes Impact, meaning no unmarked spoilers should be posted until a week after the relevant episode has aired in the US (or on the Internet, as is currently the situation). Obviously this also includes placing any spoilers in your signature.


This is to give people enough time to either download the shows or get them from a trader. Even though we're not implementing a rule to go alongside the delayed TWC shows, we still ask that everyone be considerate enough to try and not post important spoilers in topic titles just for the sake of doing so.

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Spoiler rules have been updated. Please read and follow.


Bigger news:


LIVE DISCUSSION THREADS ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED - if you want to "chat" about some live event then use the UKFF chatroom.


Join #theukff on WorldIRC. If you have an IRC client then join irc.worldirc.org, if you don't then use the webchat located at http://www.worldirc.org/index.php?page=webchat


A brief intro to IRC for those that haven't used it:


Type /part to leave the channel you are in

Type /join #theukff to join the UKFF channel

Type /nick big_sexy_kev to change your name to big_sexy_kev


Otherwise it is pretty straight forward. Questions can be asked here about it too.

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To clear up any confusion, this doesn't mean you can't have post-show discussion threads like those excellent RAW ones The G used to with a poll. I would very much encourage their return because they were often one of the best things on on-topic.


It just means that on Tuesday morning when someone wants to read some nice write-ups and hear people's thoughts on RAW, they don't need to scroll through pages and pages of "Great segment!" and other posts that are pretty much worthless mere seconds after they're posted.

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Great decision. Those threads/posts are annoying as fuck. I wish there was a way to ban similar things in the football threads too, but it's obviously a bit harder to legislate.

It applies to Off-Topic too. In particular for the World Cup it will be terrible, so the same rules will apply.

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If you post any kind of image that contains material that would get someone in trouble at work and post it in image tags then you'll be suspended for a week.

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Please stop linking to images on malware sites. This includes your sig and avatars. Tracking these down is a pain in the arse for people on the forum and it stops them from viewing the forum.

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The current rules on MMA discussion are as follows:


1. Each UFC show is allowed a pre and post event discussion thread. Please don't create threads for UFC events more than 3 months out.

2. Each season of TUF is allowed a single thread. Unmarked spoilers are allowed based on the US airing, so don't read the thread if you happen to behind this.

3. All Strikeforce event discussion in the Strikeforce thread

4. All WEC event discussion must go in the WEC thread.

5. All other MMA, including UK MMA and your backyard MMA fed, can all go in the MMA Event Discussion thread.

6. There is a MMA news thread, and a MMA past fights discussion thread. Do not create a thread, if the news is worthy then a mod will split it out.

7. There is also a MMA predictions thread/game which can be found here


Any that I missed - PM or use the UKFF Forum thread that is pinned in off topic.

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If you work for a wrestling company, are a wrestler, or generally have anything to do with a wrestling company then for fucks sake don't try to pull the "I'm just a casual fan who happens to love this company", or the "this wrestler is great, it's not me, I'm just a fan" stuff.


If you do then you'll get outed and made to look like the fool you are.

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