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Idiots at work

Frankie Crisp

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She fancies you!



Not so much an idiot at work:


I work in a team of two, and the other guy passes fairly harmless comments although I sense an underlying of spite. He'll say "Are you still here?" in a friendly manner if I'm working later than normal, which is usually to maintain my flexi-time. The other day I was there fairly late, as was he. I'd been entering information onto the in-house database for ten minutes, all the while he just sat opposite listening to music. Out of nowhere he pipes up (again in a friendly manner) "Now, is there a reason you're here so late or are you just building up for days off?". I told him I had to be somewhere in London and wanted to kill time at work instead of go home and come back again, all true as I was seeing a mate's band. He replies with "Ah, me too", although I'm not sure if he's being too honest about it. Hell, I could just be misinterpreting an attempt at making conversation (and who doesn't like building up flexi-time?).

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Well I had a few idiots at work (BHS so y'know) but the main one was my manger Jeanett.


I was serving on tills at Christmas and everone who works in town at christmas knows its crammed full of people who dont want to be there.

i was trying to get people stuff through the stil as quickly and politely as possible un till IT comes over. Conversation goes something like this.


Me: "Whats wrong?"

Her: "Why is the queue so long?"

"It's christmas and im on my own up here. Alice is late back and Stu was getting frustrated so hes gone to lunch so I'm on my own."

"The other tills arent this full."

"Thats because its just me, could you jump on the other till and give me a hand please."

"You do not tell me what to do! I have enough to do without listening to customer complaints about the long queues and waiting around!"

"I just asked.."

"No! Why isnt Alice here?!"

"I said she was late, so probably still on lunch I assume." (Alice was in the staff room)


Jeanette then pulls me aside away from the till but in front of the massive queue, me half way through someones stuff.

She starts pointing her finger in my face saying how its a disgrace other shops are doing better (Its BHS not Gucci) and that I had better get my act together. Baring in mind theres a whole queue watching I just nod and say sorry. get back to my till and she storms off.


Me: "Sorry about the wait."

Customer: "It's ok, she shouldn't have done that."


I finally clear the place and Alice walks in. She has a 30 min lunch, shes been gone at least an hour. Jeanette then trots up.


Jeanette: "where have you been?"

Alice: "My phone lost battery so I lost track of time."

Jeanette: "Ok, could you go downstairs and help out?"


Alice leaves. So...I'm on my own again.. And yes another massive queue.


As Jeanette leaves she says "Dont forget to push the credit cards."

(BHS have there own card which we are supposed to sell to EVERY customer.)


"I'm not selling the cards" (I never do but still)


"It's Christmas, people are busy and were in a recesion. People dont want another card with stupidly high interest."

"Its your job you have to. unless you want to tell Phil that?" (Phil is the over all manager)

"Find my contract, highlight the bit that says "Sell the fecking cards" and I will."


She goes to march up to me but is cut off by another hurd of people wanting to buy crap.


We butted heads every working day but that one sticks out.


Theres another story which involves her screaming at me because I said Lambrini wasn't Wine.

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