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[Nominations] Best British Match of 2008


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Eden Black v Jetta, ChickFight, August 3.


While not many people saw it, it was a true emotional rollercoaster. Eden Black promising one final match to shut up her longtime rival, who says that if she wins, Eden Black has to admit that it was Jetta's actions that forced her to retire, while if Black wins, Jetta has to admit Black is the better woman.


The drama was incredible, and Black's unretirements speech at the end really tugged on the heart. Pro wrestling at its finest.


Bryan Danielson v Zack Sabre Jr, TXW finale, March.


Says it all, really.

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I only have two, and I'm pretty sure nobody else is going to nominate either of them:


- Jonny Storm vs Chad Collyer (All Star) at Grimsby Auditorium on March 14th 2008


First time I've seen Jonny Storm at Grimsby, first time I've seen him for All-Star.

Go through any 2006 1PW topic and you'll see I'm the biggest Jonny Storm critic in the world when he works serious in front of a largely smart crowd. But in front of a younger audience that All-Star attracts and he is superb. Right from the entrance he got the crowd's attention completely. Holding up a sign an old woman brought saying SPANK THE YANK before giving her a kiss got some laughs, as did slamming Collyer on the floor before picking up a kid on the front row and bodyslamming him onto Collyer. That was followed by grabbing a foam finger from a fan and giving Collyer an eye poke with it. The crowd lapped it up, myself included.

Collyer's Rick Rude mannerisms got good heat and it looks like my 6 year old nephew will be doing the hip-swivel pose for some time to come.

Great match, most enjoyable I have seen this year.


- Dave Frasier vs Mick Romeo (Real Deal Wrestling) at Ancholme Leisure Centre on April 12th 2008

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Pac Vs Lionheart - 1PW 3rd Anniversary Show

AJ Styles Vs Darren Burridge - 1PW Know Your Enemy 2008

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Mark Haskins, Dave Moralez & Zack Sabre Jr vs El Ligero, Bubblegum & Luke Phoenix



Rockstar Spud & The Models vs Dave Moralez & Hubba Bubba Lucha




Honourable mentions to Hubba Bubba Lucha vs Damned Nation from 1PW in the Granby, Dave Moralez vs Zack Sabre Jr from SAS in Pinner, Mark Haskins vs Martin Stone from IPW:UK in front of 40 people in Portsmouth and 2 little known matches of Dave Moralez vs Eugene from AWW in Birmingham and PCW in Worcester. Having seen Sabre/Danielson back on DVD, it lacked some of the magic it had live.

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Zack Sabre Jr vs Bryan Danielson - Sabre vs Danielson, Coventry, March

Zack Sabre Jr vs Mikey Whiplash - IPW:UK Royale Rewards, May

Eden Black vs Jetta - Chickfight, Ipswich, August

Zack Sabre Jr vs Terry Frazier - IPW:UK British National Finale, October

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