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[Nominations] Greatest/Funniest Moment of 2008


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Edge teasing Vickie that he was going to turn over her wheelchair and then eventually turning it over. I dont know if that moment was meant to be funny, but I thought it was hilarious.


Miz and Morrison making fun of Festus.


And I know I'm probably in the minority here, but even though DX is cringe-worthy most of the time now, I thought the promo they did on the special 3 hour Raw where the mocked themselves (Triple H's big nose, Michaels receding hairline etc) was excellent.

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Greatest Moments:


- Floyd Mayweather chinning Big Show at No Way Out

- "I'm sorry, I love you" at WrestleMania

- Ric Flair's retirement on Raw, the night after WrestleMania


Funniest Moments:


- The Rock rips the piss out of Cena & Jericho at the Hall of Fame ceremony (March)

- Santino's Honk-a-meter (September to November)

- Santino rapping on Raw to show that he was more talented than "A-corn" (November)

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Santino attempting the splits

The boos getting louder every time Vickie Guerrero says "Excuse me!"

The Dirt Sheet

Mike Adamle in general

The DX Christmas adverts

John Morrison surfing Festus

Festus coming out dressed as a Mexican Mariachi

CM Punk posing as the Mariachi conductor before smashing Chavo in the head with a guitar and then peeling off his fake mustache.

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John Cena returns at the Rumble

"I'm sorry, I love you" - The end of Michaels vs Flair

Flair's goodbye Raw

Jericho Punching Michaels wife

"He's here! He's here!" - Edge returns once again to win the WWE Championship



Santino Marella - FACT he has done nothing that would not fall into this category

Honka-Perfect-Mountie meter

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