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[Nominations] Best Newcomer of 2007


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Nominate the best pro-wrestling Newcomer of 2007. This should be someone who debuted WWE/ROH/TNA or on the Indy scene in 2007 and had never previously worked for any of ROH/TNA/WWE. Multiple nominations allowed. Nomination period is 2 weeks.

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Santino Marella's had some funny lines on Raw, but that doesn't make him the best newcomer IMO. I'd say Cody Rhodes has it, jokes can be made about his DEFAULT appearance, but the guy has solid wrestling skills, we know he is capable of cutting promos (as seen at the HOF) and after a few months in WWE, has won the tag gold. Plus his DDT owns.


I'll throw Harry "D.H" Smith in the mix too; his suspension was unfortunate, but appears to have limitless potential. Maybe, due to the circumstance, he might be more appropriate for the 2008 award?


In any case, Rhodes and Smith should make a great impression on WWE in 2008.

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