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  1. Walkers Sensations used to have a Chipotle flavour, and it was the tits. I'll never understand why they discontinued it.
  2. Has anyone played RBI Baseball 19 on a console, and is it any good? Probably paging someone like @Keith Houchen for this one. Much obliged
  3. KJHenley

    AEW All Out

    I'd actually want him in with the rest of Villain Enterprises. Would be scenes if he debuted and was embraced by the Elite, only for the rest of the lads to appear from the crowd and give them a pasting.
  4. That game was cracking, Semmy Schilt front kick for the win.
  5. Have always worked on the basis that the state pension will be non existent by the time I reach retirement age, but I've got 30-45 years (what a depressing range) to go anyway. That 'think tank' can go fuck itself though.
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