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    I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel like this big Evil push is particularly out of left field to me. Slightly rushed yes but not weird really. I also think people are overstating his mediocrity. He’s really good. He’s not Naito or Ibushi but it’s not like he’s Fale or Honma either. It might not work but it feels like a bit of a shot in the arm I reckon. And he’s shitloads more interesting than Sanada.
  2. You need to be brighter than you are to patronise properly. I read it and understood it. What I was saying is that Chikara hasn’t been through anything. The people that people high up in the organisation molested, raped and abused have been through things.
  3. Saying that “Chikara has been through a lot” and then naming 4 severe sexual abusers who worked and trained there for years as though they aren’t a huge part of it is insane. Chikara isn’t a person, it’s an organisation that these cunts were a huge part of, they harmed innocent people, they WERE Chikara. And I say that as someone who has been a fan of theirs. I think Quackenbush was an amazing wrestler with a near genius mind for it, but who really gives a fuck about that right now?
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