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UKFF 2005 Awards


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The awards are over. They've been interesting thanks to a couple of members, and some of the results are also interesting. There a joint winner, some joint runners-up, and the same two promotions showing up for Best and Worst promotion.


Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the losers*


Feel free to discuss anything you'd like in this thread.




*points to those who can name where that comes from (Hint: Spectrum)


Wrestling - The Good Stuff




Winner: Samoa Joe

Runner-up: Kurt Angle


Tag Team


Winner: MNM

Runner-up: AMW




Winner: Samoa Joe in TNA

Runner-up: Ken Kennedy in WWE




Winner: Angle vs Michaels - WrestleMania 21

Runner-up: Styles vs Joe vs Daniels - TNA Unbreakable




Winner: Batista

Runner-up: Rey Mysterio




Winner: Edge

Runner-up: Triple H




Winner: Batista/HHH

Runner-up: ECW Invasion of RAW


Most Memorable Moment


Winner: Eddie Guerrero Tribute

Runner-up: ECW One Night Stand


Funniest Moment


Winner: Vince's Injury

Joint Runners-up: Vader Falling Over / WrestleMania 21 Movie Parodies




Winner: ECW One Night Stand

Runner-up: WrestleMania 21




Winner: TNA

Runner-up: WWE


Wrestling - The Shit Stuff


Worst Wrestler


Winner: Kriss Sprules

Runner-up: John Cena


Worst Tag Team


Winner: LOD 2005

Runner-up: Phi Delta Slam


Worst Match


Winner: Sprules vs Tyler - OPWO

Runner-up: Bischoff vs Teddy Long - Survivor Series


Worst Angle


Winner: Tim White Suicide

Joint Runners-up: Using the Lowrider in an angle after Eddie's death / JR's Arse Surgery


Worst Event


Winner: Great American Bash

Runner-up: Destination X


Worst Promotion


Winner: FWA

Runner-up: WWE


UK Wrestling - Its all good


UK Wrestler


Winner: Doug Williams

Runner-up: Paul Burchill


UK Match of the Year


Joint Winners: Doug Williams, James Tighe & Scorpio v Misawa, Ogawa & Tiger Emperor - International Showdown / Jun Akiyama/Doug Williams vs Kenta Kobashi/Go Shiosaki - Universal Uproar


UK Promotion


Winner: IPW:UK

Joint Runners-up: SWA / FWA


UKFF Awards - Ledges and mongs


Poster of the Year


Winner: JNLister

Runner-up: ElSupremo


Dolt of the Year


Winner: Dandaman

Runner-up: stingersplash


LOL Award


Winner: JNLister

Runner-up: Just Me


At, Not With Award


Winner: Lemming of the BDA

Runner-up: Dangerously420


Most Memorable Thread


Winner: Sprules vs Tyler

Runner-up: Ask Dandaman Anything

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Winner: Lemming of the BDARunner-up: Dangerously420

Theres a bit or irony for you!
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im happy that i haven't witnessed Kriss Sprules in action. If he sucks worse than Cena, then he must the the worst wrestler in the world :crazy:

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I posted the link to the Sprules/Tyler match in either the voting or nomination threads. It's also been posted a number of times on this forum!You'll find it easily enough and it is definitely worth watching!

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