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Wrestlemania 38 April 2nd and 3rd 2022

Hannibal Scorch

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As its wrestlemania season, a thread to talk about the event and the weekend. Anyone actually going?

And of the weekend This years Hall of Fame Class of 2022 Headliner is The Undertaker. As it is being held in Texas, a predictable choice, but as he has finally retired from In Ring competition, now is the time.


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Im going

We were supposed to be going in 2020 but we all know what happened to that so we are trying again

Its a family trip with my wife and 10 year old Daughter on her first flight and trip abroad after 2 years of waiting, flying out Wed 30th and returning Friday 8th

I wont be doing the Smackdown, HOF (as much as I want to see Taker inducted) or NXT as its not really fair to drag them to everything

Doing the 2 nights of Mania and Raw which is enough for me

Staying in Arlington for the first 5 nights to be close to Stadium as transport is an issue I hear and then moving to a different Hotel in Downtown Dallas for 4 nignts

Looking forward to it, just hoping America drops the need to test soon as most countries seem to be doing as at the back of my mind I cant get rid of the expectation that one of us is going to test positive on the test the day before.



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