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Worst Wrestling Match 2021

Frankie Crisp

Worst Wrestling Match 2021  

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  1. 1. What stunk?

    • The Fiend vs Randy Orton, WrestleMania
    • Cody Rhodes Vs. Anthony Ogogo, Double or Nothing
    • Damiest Priest Vs. The Miz, Wrestlemania Backlash (Zombie Lumberjack match)

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Wyatt vs. Orton managed to be considerably worse than the previous Orton vs. Wyatt Wrestlemania match, which was already one of the shittest matches in recent memory.

The Fiend and Alexa Bliss doing his gimmick almost broke my brain, because every time I saw them they somehow managed to do the worst thing I'd ever seen on a wrestling show, even though theĀ previousĀ worst thing I'd ever seen on a wrestling show was whatever I'd seen them do on the last one. Just the most consistently dogshit thing to be given that much TV time that I can remember, and made worse by sticking him opposite Orton, who he has absolutely zero chemistry with, as they've proven time and time again.

Cody vs. Ogogo annoyed the hell out of me because of the booking and the choices that were made going into that match - some of which I canĀ sort ofĀ understand (they wanted to do a rematch in the UK that Ogogo presumably would have won, but if that was the plan, you don't have the babyface win the first one!) - but the match itself, taken out of all of that context, was far from awful. Certainly compared to the other two.

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