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Wrestlecrap's Blade Braxton RIP


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Terribly sad news that Blade Braxton, co-founder of Wrestlecrap, has passed away. Unsure of the specifics at the moment (the post above doesn't go into detail, although I for some reason thought he'd been ill) but he can't have been any old age. It's been a fair few years since I browsed the site weekly, but there is so much content that wouldn't exist today without Wrestlecrap paving the way; the likes of Botchamania etc. almost certainly wouldn't be in existence I expect. May he rest in peace.

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21 minutes ago, RIDDUM_N_STYLE said:

Shocking news, the last text he sent RD (that was posted on RD's Facebook was heartbreaking, almost like Blade was saying goodbye

He said that text was from about a year ago, but it was a fitting thing to post.

what a shame. I used to love Wrestlecrap Radio, which despite having the worst production values of a podcast, I stuck with because their chemistry was so good. That’s two people RD has lost now that we’re his Wrestlecrap family. So sad.

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