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Acts that turned it around

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21 hours ago, jazzygeofferz said:

@Liam O'Rourke might be in a better position to explain this, but could an argument be made for Brian Pillman? Yes he was a horseman towards the end of his time in WCW, but when he started the loose cannon thing and managed to work Bischoff into a shoot and get his release it lit a rocket under him. Had it not been for his passing another go round with Austin as either opponent or associate in WWE could have been a very big deal. 

He's a brilliant candidate. After the break up of the Blonds he wasn't a priority in the company at all, and when Hogan came in he was essentially a fairly meaningless body on the card. Sullivan put him in the Horsemen as a lifeline, but he was still in the Sammy Guevera style designated jobber of the group position. His contract had six months to go and he thought they'd offer him less money, so he and Kim Wood concocted the Loose Cannon scam and character to inflate his value and Bischoff went for it. Within six months he was offered almost double his current deal and talked about as a potential top guy. That's a pretty great 180.

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New Day? from terrible vinces paws all over them Gospel singing to the whacky heels? I'm not exactly a fan but they really did change up and become something so fair play.

He debut as a heel so he was supposed to be booed. Kurt was great from the start.

The complete opposite! I meant in terms of turning his career around from being an endless exercise in frustration and unachieved potential. He was always fucking brilliant - unquestionably the t

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Mick Foley went from being a darling with a segment of the fan base to a mainstream attraction in the late 90s in WWF. He'd always been a crazy bumper, but the Hell in a Cell bumps became iconic but I think the main reason he got super over was his character. He was great at getting the audience to root for him. His first retirement match was emotional as fuck especially.

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I expect to be in the minority on this but I genuinely thought Prince Devitt/Finn Balor was the most uninteresting, overhyped in-ring worker of his generation until last year. I don't know what clicked for him, but he's settled brilliantly into the working ace role. Far cry from the vanilla dude that would blandly run through spot to spot, dropkick to double stomp.

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