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I've picked up an old T25 / T3 camper and after a quick trip in October to test it it seems in good order. 

A couple of jobs, handbreak & tailgate struts which I've done and a small spot of cosmetic welding to do in the spring when it's a bit nicer to be lying on the driveway. 

However the one that's got me is the instrument lights. One had gone so I swapped it out but its still not lighting so I think the PCB is worn. There are some smart brahs and bras on here, so does anyone know a good way to clean them up? I've read rubbing down with IPA and a cotton bud should work, any opinions? 

If it is shot I'm not likely to be getting a cheap 1 for 1 replacement anymore, it's a flimsy green custom shaped thing so I'd probably be looking at getting lucky at a breakers, so for the more knowledgeable how hard would it be to solder up and hardwire the bulbs and switches to a standard board from a circuit diagram? 



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Hi. Nice little project you have there. I've got an electronics and electrical background. I'm guessing you're talking about a seated within the PCB lamp holder. Are the contacts rusted or corroded? A little bit of IPA on a cotton bud won't do any harm. It'll get rid of any contamination. Are you able to check if power is getting to the lamp holder. The issue you're having could be something as simple as a blown fuse.

This van is one of those VW campers right?They have an expansive scene of restorers and repairers. They'll be able to source any part you'd need. Aswell as give advice. Have a look at the dedicated forums. I'm pretty sure you'll find a wealth of information.


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