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Bellator 251 - Pitbull vs. Carvalho (12th November 2021)

Egg Shen

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Your weekly Bellator card, if this one doesn't deliver, I don't know what to tell you, the main card is only 3 fights but they are legit, and a few sneaky good names on the undercard...


Main Card (Live on Sky Sports Mix):

Patricio Carvalho vs. Pedro Carvalho (Featherweight GP Quarterfinal/Featherweight Title)

Daniel Weichel vs. Emmanuel Sanchez (Featherweight GP Quarterfinal)

Yaroslav Amosov vs. Logan Storley

Prelims (Live on Youtube):

Roman Faraldo vs. Pat Case

Aaron Pico vs. John De Jesus

Manny Muro vs. Devin Powell

Jornel Lugo vs. Shyler Sootho

Amanda Leve vs. Kara Hoad

Keri Taylor-Melendez vs. Emilee King

Gabriel Varga vs. Brandon Phillips

Khonry Gracke vs. Trevor Gudde

Lucas Brennan vs. Andrew Salas







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Yeh, title is on the line. The Grand Prix Champion ends up with a big fuck trophy, cash and ideally the Featherweight Title (barring the Champion withdrawing). 

The title being involved is the reason all the Featherweight Tournament fights are 5 round fights.

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Main card bouts start at midnight. 

Bit nervous about the Amosov vs Storley bout. Coker and the Bellator matchmakers aren't giving Amosov a particularly easy time this year. Storley is a high-risk, low-reward, match-up for him. 

I don't get the raging boner that some get over Pitbull, but I hope he sparks Carvalho. 

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Ed Gallo wrote the following just before Amosov fought Storley:



His (Storley's) top game is promising. Storley utilizes the leg mount, cross-wrist and Iowa rides on top, keeping an anchor on at least one leg to begin to set up dangerous ground and pound positions. On top he has a nice feel for keeping his opponents flat, this is the strongest part of his game at the moment.

If a wrestler really is the stylistic ideal to beat Yaroslav Amosov, I do believe that Storley will be a better test than Ed Ruth was. He is much more intentional about getting to his attacks, and Amosov did give up a few positions throughout the fight. From what I’ve seen, Storley’s top game is much more developed and control-focused at this point - he may be able to make those opportunities count. - https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2020/11/12/21558365/wrestling-breakdown-undefeated-welterweight-yaroslav-amosov-defeated-ed-ruth-bellator-mma


He wasn't wrong. 

Still, I am very excited about Amosov's career going forward. 

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That was an enjoyable card. Probably the best Bellator Card of the Coronavirus era.

I know the main didn't go anywhere close to 5 rounds but it was nice to have a 3 round fight sandwiched between two potential 5 round fights as opposed to having two 5 rounders consecatively after each other. It was a nice change in pace.

Pico looked great!

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I like how Bellator's main cards only run for 2 hours. 

I don't like MMA shows to run longer than 3 hours, especially in the current climate where we are bombarded with fights every weekend and the sport is a bit overexposed. And given that Bellator is running weekly shows at the moment, and have a smaller roster than the UFC, it makes sense for them to run shorter main cards. If they ran 3 hour cards, the viewers would have to endure a lot more filler and regional talent, more so than they do already. 

Let's hope for more shows like Bellator 251 in the future. Next week's show looks very promising on paper. 


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ūüėĄ cheers Jim.

Carvalho got found out didn't he? i listened to him in the build up and he convinced me in the build up that he knew something that we didnt, i know fighters have to have self belief, but his was next level. Dunno if this spurs him or shatters his confidence. Pitbull is a bad man.

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