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Best Wrestling Show: 2019


Best Wrestling Show: 2019  

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Gotta go with AEW Dynamite. It hasn't been perfect but it's absolutely been the fresh show we needed for wrestling to get a bit fun again, and it's lit a fire under NXT's ass too.

My favourite thing about Dynamite is the fact that we're seeing angles and actual storylines. Cody going after Jericho in the skybox and punching through the window, AEW worried about Moxley and Mox being pissed about not getting matches that count on his record, Jericho's work being Le Champion and leading the Inner Circle. The way they're building the characters of young guys like Darby Allin, MJF and Jungle Boy. There's more, but just the fact that I can recall all these things besides, "oh yeah, that was a good 15 minute match". Of course they have the lengthy matches with big workrate, that's modern wrestling for you, but there's memorable stories and characters as well. Even though I watch Raw and Smackdown every week, I'd struggle to tell you what good angles/segments have occurred over the last few months, besides Orton braining Edge.

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