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30 PPV's of the last 30 years


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Stolen from the off-topic thread on Empire's 30 top films of the last 30 years. I thought it might be interesting to see what people's 30 top PPV's or major shows were of the last 30 years. 

I guess the only rule is they have to be major cards not TV unless the it was a very special episode. 

Here's mine off the top of my head bearing in mind some earlier years I haven't watched that much. My Justifications will be added later but i've tried to base it on my overall enjoyment when watching the cards.

1989- Summerslam 1989

1990 - Summerslam 1990

1991- Superbrawl 1

1992 - Royal Rumble 1992

1993 - King of the Ring 1993

1994 - Wrestlemania 10

1995 - Summerslam 1995

1996 - Survivor Series 1996

1997 - Canadian Stampede

1998 - Summerslam 1998

1999 - Spring Stampede 1999

2000- Backlash 2000

2001- Wrestlemania X7

2002- No Mercy 2002

2003- Vengeance 2003

2004 - Turning Point 2004

2005- International Showdown (for me anyway)

2006- Wrestlemania 22

2007- Wrestlemania 23

2008 - Wrestlemania 24

2009 - Wrestlekingdom 3

2010- Wrestlemania 26 at a push as i've watched very little of 2010

2011- Money in the Bank 2011

2012- Wrestlemania 28 

2013- Summerslam 2013

2014 - Survivor Series 2014

2015- NXT Takeover Brooklyn 1

2016- NXT Takeover Dallas

2017- Survivor Series 2017

2018- Dominion 6.9

2019 - Double or Nothing, haven't watched much this year either!

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1989 - Summerslam

1990 - Wrestlemania 6

1991 - Survivor Series 

1992 - Wrestlemania

1993 - King of the Ring

1994 - Summerslam

1995 - Summerslam

1996 - Survivor Series

1997 - In Your House 18

1998 - Summerslam

1999 - Backlash

2000 - Fully Loaded

2001 - Survivor Series 

2002 - Survivor Series

2003 - Wrestlemania

2004 - Backlash 

2007 - Wrestlemania 23

2008 - Wrestlemania 24

2014 - Wrestle Kingdom 8

2015 - Wrestle Kingdom 9

2016 - Wrestle Kingdom 10

2017 - Dominion

2018 - Dominion 

2019 - Wrestle Kingdom 13



Bare in mind I don't watch WWE

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I've done my best to think these choices through, and I haven't included every year, just the ones where something came to mind.

1991 - WrestleMania - mainly for Savage-Warrior, but there are a few other gems on here.

1992 - Royal Rumble - for obvious reasons

1994 - Super J Cup - one I'd heard a lot about but didn't see until The Wrestling Channel. Just lots of good wrestling.

1997 - Bad Blood - it's a one match show but what a match!

1998 - Capital Carnage - objectively, not a good show. But my wrestling-watching friend had the tape of it and it was one of the few shows we'd seen together. Much like...

1999 - Unforgiven - ...which is also not good. But he had it on a double VHS with King Of The Ring 2000. In fairness I do like the show-long build to the Six Pack Challenge. Even without the context of watching it at the time (which I hadn't) you know the dynamics and everything going into the main event really well.

2000 - Summerslam - not the best show of the year but that 'S' logo gives me so much nostalgia, and because Summerslam was on during the summer holidays I actually stood a chance of getting to watch it. The tape didn't work on this one at the time which was gutting because I was desperate to see TLC, but I got to see it eventually.

2001 - WrestleMania - couldn't be anything else. The best.

2002 - Summerslam - all the reasons above, except the tape worked and this one probably was the best show of the year. Loads to choose from here though, three or four really strong contenders.

2003 - Summerslam - again, as above. It was summer. A few great matches on the Smackers side as well.

2004 - WrestleMania - a disappointment, but I bought into all of it in the build-up. Could Benoit win? Rock and Sock were back. Who would win Trish's heart? Undertaker was back. Cruiserweights on the PPV? Eddie Guerrero was champion, etc.

2005 - International Showdown - so hyped for this one. 17 year old me couldn't get to Coventry for it but I eagerly awaited the TWC broadcast that was promised.

2006 - Supercard Of Honor - my ROH fandom probably peaked from 2005-2007 so here's one right in the middle. This card sticks in my mind for Danielson-Strong, the Dragon Gate match and the Styles/Sydal team against Aries/Evans, but there was also the 100th show, the CZW/ROH COD show, Unified, so much wonderful Danielson, KENTA at his best...

2007 - WrestleMania - because it's maybe the only time a couple of friends and I gathered together at 1am to watch the wrestling, live and ordered off Box Office. We'd also been to MEW that night, headlined by Heidenreich, which really whet the appetite (Taiji Ishimori and Sheamus were also on the card, but y'know... Heidenreich. Oh, and Iceman cutting a promo on the UKFF before his match against General Army Name I've Forgotten. GTS. But not Go To Sleep. Trent Steel? No)

2008 - Royal Rumble - mainly for the Rumble match, but I remember very much hoping this would be the night Jeff Hardy won the title.

2011 - Royal Rumble - I've got a real soft spot for the 40-man Rumble, and it's got the best match Ziggler has had or will ever have on it too. 

2014 - Survivor Series - Undercard was a load of balls but they really but some effort into the main event, and it felt more consequential than any SS match since the Invasion. Not that it amounted to anything in the end of course

2015 - Takeover Brooklyn - the first time NXT blew me away.

2016 - Takeover Dallas - a cracking card and the moment Nakamura peaked.

2017 - UK Championship Tournament - wasn't fussed beforehand, got really into it by the end.


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