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BomberPat to star in Bergerac reboot (probably)

Gus Mears

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The only good news this week, Bergerac is coming back.


A new series of classic TV crime drama Bergerac is being developed, it has been announced.

Set on the island of Jersey, the BBC programme ran for nine series from 1981 until 1991.

The police drama starred John Nettles as complex detective sergeant Jim Bergerac, who later became a private investigator.

The show is being revived by Artists Studio, backed by Endemol Shine UK, and Westward Studios.

Artists Studio's executive producer Gub Neal said the remake would be updated to deal with "contemporary stories" and would boast a "strong serial spine".

The production company is developing the reboot as "a potential future commission".

Neal, known for producing The Fall, Prime Suspect and Cracker, added: "We've been trying to bring back Bergerac for some time and I'm very glad that we have the next generation of such an iconic show in development."

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Brian Constantine, executive producer and chief executive of Jersey-based Westward Studios, said: "I'm excited at the prospect that Bergerac may be returning to our screens once again.

"It's a much-loved drama and a real boost for Jersey, my home, where Bergerac has become part of the island's identity."

There is no word on who would play the lead role of Bergerac.



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This is huge news in Jersey, though not without an air of trepidation, as we've been burned once before with a promised remake starring Sean Bean reported some years back (which I think may have been a Facebook joke post reported as fact).

Everyone above a certain age in Jersey has a Bergerac story. If everyone who claimed to have been an extra, or appeared in the background in some episode or other, was telling the truth, every episode would have looked like a Cecil B. Damille production.

It's Jersey's favourite running joke that the series played fast and loose with local geography - with Bergerac driving through a tunnel and appearing some six miles away in an entirely unrelated part of the island. Literally every old man in a pub will crack a joke about this in-between complaints about how you can't even buy Gollywogs any more.

To gauge the mood of the island following this auspicious news, here are some comments from the local newspaper's website;


Well at least they no longer have to make up the crimes. There is more than enough real crime now to cover stories spanning several series


Great news lets they hope they show how Jersey is now full of drug addicts,alcoholics people getting glassed beaten up and so on.


The things that made the original series so endearing have all gone, just like the 80's. Can you imagine what that series would look like, now that most of the Jersey landmarks have gone? Filming in town? Miles of faceless buildings for faceless companies.......... And what would ol' Jim be investigating now? Kiddie-fiddlers and drug addicts, fighting outside the Royal Yacht on any given weekend? Pfffffffff......... The mind boggles!


Prediction time duh, duh, duh!

Bergerac will be a Woman.
Probably Lesbian.
Villain will be a Caucasian male.
There will be an anti racist plot.
It will be rubbish.


Blade runner meets Open all hours what’s not to like!


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