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The UKKFF 50 2017 Nomination Thread


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It's time to kick things off and, for the 13th coinsecutive year, find out who's the topperpost of the oppermost on the Uk scene!

What You Need To Do:

1) Send a PM to me - that's Linus - on the UKFF. E-mails/Facebook messages/Tweets/etc. will not be accepted. Feel completely free to share your nominations in this thread if you wish, for the purposes of generating discussion/debate, but I will only officially count lists that I receive in my PM Inbox.

2) Within the PM, please nominate up to 15 wrestlers that you feel, based on the criteria described above and matches that you have actually seen, deserve a place, any place, somewhere in this year's UKFF UK50. This doesn't of course, necessarily mean that it is your own personal 'top' 15, just 15 people you would like to see in the 50. All names are a single nomination, carrying equal value, so there is no need to rank your list of nominations in order of merit (i.e. the name at the top of your nominations will be treated equally with the name at the bottom of your list). You can nominate less than 15 if you like, but definitely no more.

You don't need to include your reasons for nominating these wrestlers within your message to me during this stage. As you will have seen from past years, I do like to use your quotes when doing the results write-ups, and some people put a lot of time and effort into their comments. However, since this is merely the nomination stage, there is no guarantee that your nominated wrestlers will get through and I don't want you to waste your words - save them for the final round. If you do wish to give your comments at this stage, you'd be best off sticking them in this thread - just a sentence or so to justify their selection or point out particular matches, promotions or shows upon which you have based your decision.

4) Make sure you get your PM in to me by 23:59 on Saturday 16th December 2017. Any received after this deadline will not be considered, so don’t bother asking.

As always, any nominations, votes or comments that I receive will be treated completely confidentially. For the purposes of maintaining space in my Inbox, I usually have to delete your messages as soon as I’ve taken the detail anyway.

The 50 wrestlers with the most nominations after the deadline will make it into the 2017 UKFF UK50. The rest will not. If there are a tied number of nominations for the last few places in the 50 (there usually always is every year), we will have a mini-stage to determine which of them make it in.

Please feel free to now use this thread to discuss and debate who is worthy of nominations this year. Campaign for your choices. Share videos of your selections' best matches from the year. Try to convince others that you are correct. Provide evidence as to why you believe you are right.

So, finally, to summarise what I need you to do:

- Send me a PM

- 15 Nominations

- By 23:59 on Saturday 16 December 2016


A final world on eligibility!

The following "UK" wrestlers are NOT eligible:

Nick Aldis
Finn Balor
Aleister Black
Killian Dain
Noam Dar
Nikki Cross
Jack Gallagher
Danny Jones
Heidi Katrina
Drew McIntyre
Will Ospreay
Zack Sabre Jr
Marty Scurll
Martin Stone
Toni Storm

The following wrestlers with current US contracts ARE eligible (through having at least half of their matches on the UK scene):

Nixon Newell

The following overseas wrestlers are eligible because they spent most of their year on the UK scene:

Travis Banks
Dahlia Black
TK Cooper
Mark Davis
Laura Di Matteo
El Phantasmo
Charli Evans
Kyle Fletcher
Lady Lory
Robin Lekime
Bea Priestley
Josh Shooter

Now GO!

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"based on the criteria described above" - can't see any criteria described above

It says a lot that I came up with 30 names I would be comfortable nominating easily. Anyway nominated the following,

  • the workhorse Travis Banks
  • the c**k Chris Brookes
  • the darling of the North Bubblegum
  • the freaking awesome Mark Davis
  • the man Pete Dunne
  • the reliable El Ligero
  • the exciting El Phantasmo
  • the why has no one strapped a rocket to him Zack Gibson
  • the dirty wolf Kid Lykos
  • the precocious Omari
  • the underutilised Jason Prime
  • the Northern graps fans are going to have to share him now Chris Ridgeway
  • the controversial Ryan Smile
  • the still underrated Ashton Smith
  • the standout post-Nixon female worker Viper


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17 hours ago, Tommy! said:

Never been a big fan of Pete Dunn. Never saw anything that lived up to the hype at all. 

I was that guy at one time. Everybody was raving about him last year and I thought he is good but I don't get the hype...but at some point it clicked and it was apparent this guy was great, the little things he does so well, the interactions with Regal, the matches with Bate as well as others, the Dunne - Satomura dream match that I didn't realise I wanted until it was happening.

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My 15 are in. Avoided the wwe uk guys as they get enough coverage, here’s my 15 who on a regular basis have most entertained me this year at the 63 shows I have attended so far this year 


Shady Nattress

Mark Coffey

Jackie polo

BT Gunn

Lewis Girvan

Joe Coffey

Zac Gibson

Kieran Kelly



Stevie boy

Jody fleisch 

Paul tracey

Rampage brown

Mikey Whiplash

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Nah. Wee man is only 7 so the journey back from Killie, even in the car, is too long for him at that time. Done it a few times but only do it if there's someone he or I really want to see.

Kelly does look young but that helps him get sympathy from almost everyone.  Once he got going on offence I thought he looked quite believable, even against Blaze.

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