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EPW Shows - Good or Bad?


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They're very old school, and quite campy (as in Butlins, not Julian Clary). Went to their show in Knowsley a few months ago because Jack Jester was on the poster/Facebook advert, but he wasn't actually there. The card was made up of mostly lads you'd never heard of, plus Frankie Sloan. From memory there were four singles matches (including one women's match) and a triple threat (which included a very pale, thin, frail and frankly quite ill looking lad taking unprotected chair shots to the head, which can't have been good for him), then a nine-man "rumble" at the end which was a battle royale rather than a rumble and lasted all of about 5 minutes. The ring announcer was doing commentary over the house mic throughout the show, encouraging the crowd to chant "chicken" at the heels and that sort of stuff. The kids all seemed to be loving it though, and if I'm honest I definitely got a fiver's worth of amusement out of it. Just probably not for the right reasons...

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