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Pick a load of UK/ROI wrestlers for a tournamanet


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WWE's doing a UK tourny. ITV has their own little deal going on. You have ROH with British Wrestlers under contract neither can get their hands on. TNA has a couple. Not everyone can get the best of the best because everyone has their own commitments.


So, if you had say over every British/ROI wrestlers under contract (includes Fin Balor, Neville, Drew, Ospreay etc.) and not under a deal, who would you pick? Your tournament can be whatever numbers you like, be it 8, 16 or 32, to make the best series you can for ITV or the WWE Network. Take into account who is the best workers, who you think would get over on a television platform, who is a potential star, who could sell this tournament.


Go on. Hurry up!

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well, I can tell you I've made some terrific signings for the upcoming Sj5522 UK Invitational Tournament, and the brackets are as follows...




Bram v Bram

Bram v Bram

Bram v Bram

Bram v Bram


nah, you could make a decent company just on the guys mentioned though

main event scene of Galloway, Sheamus, Barrett, Balor, Neville, Ospreay, Scurll, Sabre Jr., and Damo

and an upper midcard including Jack Gallagher, Mastiff, Spud, Grado, Dar, Ligero, Mark Andrews, Rampage, presumably a fair chunk of the WWE Tournament who I haven't seen yet

tags I'm not sure about other than the Coffeys but tag teams are easy enough to make

women's division of Becky, Paige...if she still exists I guess, Viper, Nikki Storm and uhhh.. anyone else is welcome to come along and try out!

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I think if everyone was available, you could have a very good 32 man tournament that everyone in would have a wrestler look or aura to them , and have a sound mix of technical, flyers, comedy, strong style, hardcore etc. these are just based on who I have seen in a couple of matches






Pete Dunne

Trent Seven

Joe Coffey

Mikey whiplash


Sabre jr


Drew Galloway






Kenny Williams

El Ligero

Joe Hendry

Stevie boy xavier

Roy Johnson


Johnny Moss


Mark Coffey

Andy wild

Iestyn Rees

Zack Gibson


Bt gunn

Jackie polo


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I'd roughly pitch it as WWE/TNA vs Independents (Grado can be an independent for the purposes of the tournament). WWE/TNA guys are generally presented as stronger with the indie guys the underdogs (Spud is the exception, he's going to be a blue eye in the bottom half of the draw). Winners in each round are bolded.


Last 16

Finn Balor vs Pete Dunne

Wade Barrett vs Jimmy Havoc


Neville vs Will Ospreay

Drew Galloway vs Joe Coffey


Jack Gallagher vs Marty Scurll

Sheamus vs Grado


Spud vs Dave Mastiff

Noam Dar vs Zack Sabre Jr


Balor-Dunne is a hard hitting technical bout. Barrett-Havoc is a brawl, Havoc wins doing something insane to put him over a psycho and threat to Finn. Neville-Ospreay a high flying match. Galloway-Coffey can do what they did for the ICW title. Drew needs to look like a monster/supreme athlete.


Gallagher-Scurll a technical match-up, Marty is superb so he can win that. Sheamus is the monster and bullies helpless Grado. Spud gets an underdog win against the much bigger Bastard against all odds. ZSJ wins through technical prowess (how can Spud overcome such a great technician?).




Finn Balor vs Jimmy Havoc

Drew Galloway vs Will Ospreay


Sheamus vs Marty Scurll

Spud vs ZSJ


Balor and Havoc have history, play up to that and let them have a back and forth match. Ospreay gets dominated by the much bigger Galloway before the underdog comeback to get the win. Marty gets Sheamus angry which leads to him getting flattened. Spud somehow pulls out a win against the technical master ZSJ.



Semi Finals

Finn Balor vs Will Ospreay

Sheamus vs Spud


Balor/Ospreay has the Master/Apprentice vibe about it, smaller guys who have conquered the UK scene and made their name in Japan. Balor has obviously taken the next step so is the favourite to pick up the win. Ospreay wins through a roll-up or something else quick. #Respect between both men post-match. Sheamus flattens blue-eye Spud continuing to look like a beast.




Sheamus vs Will Ospreay


If everything has gone according to plan, Sheamus is the monster heel and people are clamouring to see him get his comeuppance for what he's done to Grado/Spud (I appreciate the Scurll match is slightly out of place). Ospreay has overcome all the odds but Sheamus is surely too big/experienced? Sheamus dominates, gets cocky, and Ospreay sees his opening to pull out the unexpected win. People are throwing babies in the air and Ospreay is a made man.


The end. 

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For my tournament I'll go with a 24-man BOLA style just to mix things up a little.


First Round Matches:

Will Ospreay vs Rampage Brown

Drew Galloway vs Tyler Bate

Josh Bodom vs Joe Hendry

Grado vs Martin Kirby

Pete Dunne vs Mark Andrews

El Ligero vs Neville

Marty Scurll vs Trent Seven

Chris Brookes vs Jimmy Havoc

Joe Coffey vs Sheamus

Gideon Grey vs Zack Sabre Jr

Jack Gallagher vs Mark Haskins

Finn Balor vs Noam Dar


Second Round Matches:

Will Ospreay vs Tyler Bate

Joe Hendry vs Grado

Pete Dunne vs Mark Haskins

Finn Balor vs Zack Sabre Jr

Jimmy Havoc vs Sheamus

Marty Scurll vs Neville


Third Round Matches: 

Will Ospreay vs Sheamus

Joe Hendry vs Marty Scurll

Finn Balor vs Mark Haskins



Will Ospreay vs Marty Scurll vs Finn Balor

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